I need to do this !

Morning everyone, I haven’t been on here in a long time, but I really need to change my lifestyle and become fitter and healthier but I always get to a point where I feel I just can’t do it and get so down that I just give up but I need to do this in order to help me manage my health issues !! I can’t exercise too much or do any intense exercise as part of my health issues are physical. What can I do please anyone ?? I am now managing the amount of calories I eat and trying to drink more water and have my 5 a day.


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  • Hi, Emilyjane24! It’s great that you have a desire to change your lifestyle and become fitter and healthier) It sounds as you motivated enough, so I believe you can do it! But why do you feel so down, where do you meet difficulties?

  • Thank you I did use to be a nice weight that I was happy with then I met my partner and I think I became comfortable with him because that’s when I put my weight on I’m still with him 6 years down the line and he says I still look beautiful. I get down because I don’t have many friends and just general life things that’s brings me down quite a bit and when I’m down I turn to food I just wish there was something else I could turn to.

  • It’s great that your boyfriend loves you anyway) you are lucky to have him! But if you are uncomfortable with your look it shouldn’t prevent you from changes. Be the person you want to be, work on things you don’t like and don’t let negative thoughts to win this battle.

    Good luck!

  • What is your objective ? Loose weight ? lower BMI ?

    No need to count calories - just reduce carbs intake --

    Add some lemon - juice- squeeze fresh lemon ( half) in your bottle of water -

    Eat more green salad - with cheese and mayonnaise --

    Eat more anti oxidants - Vitamin A, C and E - containing food or supplements -

  • I know how you feel, I’ve done the same and thought, I can’t be bothered, I can deal with being fat if it means I can eat what I want. And truth is, I hate the way I look, I’m on day 6 of my healthy eating and so far so good! I’m feeling abit down in the dumps this evening so I’ve had dinner and I’ve just come to bed.

    You’re doing well by wanting to do it. That’s the first step. Lots of water, and calorie counting is the way forward.

    Sorry to hear you’re unwell, and maybe 1 short walk, even if it’s round your garden or up the road and back may help the additional exercise, but don’t push it as I’m no doctor! Don’t want you to do yourself any harm :)

    Good luck on your journey! I’m only a message away if you ever need to chat or want help with anything, I’ll try my best anyway! :)

  • Oh my goodness thank you so much for this message, to read this when I first wake up wow that meant a lot thank you !! I have struggled with depression for a fair few years and it’s always affected my eating one way or another and my physical condition well that’s a life long thing so I have just to cope with that. Your kind words have probably helped me to have a more positive outlook today so thank you. I will probably take you up on the message chick to be honest could do with meeting a few friends to talk to if that’s ok xx

  • Of course! It’s all about helping, we will all get there! We’ve all got our own journey to go through! Just don’t be disheartened! We will get through this :D xx

  • I agree with Champak045 reducing carbs and eating healthy fats will be a good start. Cut out carbs and fill up on the other things and within a month you will see a difference. After you lose the amount you want you can reintroduce healthy carbs slowly to see what your tolerance of carbs is. I would say mine are zero. I did high fat low carb vegetarian and was slimmer then than I am now being vegan. It definitely works and gets you out of your current eating habits which you are unhappy with. Good luck x

  • I too am trying to address my health issues. Neither can I do much exercise. I have been posting and getting very helpful replies and intend to follow them. Hope this encourages you to do the same.

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