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What should I be eating?

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Hi everyone,

Some of you may remember/have seen previous posts where I have asked about food and seen how I feel insecure about myself. This is no longer, and I am beginning to accept myself but I actually want to gain weight because i've realised how thin I am; it's awful.

I want to start eating more so that I can gain weight and have more energy for exercise so that I can tone myself (put on muscle and not gain too much fat) but I don't know where to start or what to eat?

If anyone can provide me with healthy but suitable meal ideas (for lunch at both school and home and breakfast) and snacks then that would be brilliant! I'd like to start eating more protein and fiber based foods (I eat mainly carbs, and very little fat but i'll keep those the same or eat a little more fat too)

I know I ought to see a doctor, but I don't have an appointment yet and I want to start eating better now.

Thank you :)

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Hi Lucy,

I hope you get your appointment with the doctor soon, but in the meantime, here are a couple of links to NHS Choices pages that I thought might be helpful for you. The first is the 'Eatwell Guide' and the second is from Change4Life and is about planning meals and gives meal ideas and recipes, so I really hope you'll find something there that is helpful to you:

Eatwell Guide:


Meal Planner, Recipe Finder (Change4Life):


Wishing you a great week.

Zest :-)

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hikasu2 in reply to Zest


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Dottie2011Star in reply to hikasu2

Yes, the 'eatwell' guide is fantastic if you want to put weight on, as it advocates eating lots of carbs, which cause weight gain! I seriously wouldn't eat as many carbs as they are suggesting though as you may end up with diabetes! But do eat some (Unrefined) carbs, just to put the weight on, but ALSO up your intake of good fats! Really, good fats should should make up a much larger amount of your diet than carbs, for health benefits! But fats do NOT make you fat!!! ;)

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benwl in reply to Dottie2011

So how do you explain that fact that the NHS, backed by the national institute for clinical excellence is promoting the eat well diet?

And why should we believe you, a random poster on the Internet, when you say carbs cause diabetes and fat intake should be higher than carbs?

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Dottie2011Star in reply to benwl

Sounds like you need to do some 'independent' research benwl.

Everything That’s Wrong with the New UK “Eatwell” Guide: dietdoctor.com/the-eatwell-...

The origin of the ‘eatwell’ plate: zoeharcombe.com/2016/03/eat...

High fat diets not as dangerous as high carbohydrate plans, claim scientists: telegraph.co.uk/news/scienc...

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Bazza1234 in reply to Dottie2011

There are different kinds of carbs - some should be avoided and some others should be eaten. Which ones are you talking about????

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Dottie2011Star in reply to Bazza1234

Yes, some unrefined, low sugar carbs can (Not according to everyone though, as people on the Keto diet don't consume any carbs!) be eaten. But the 'Eatwell' Guide advocates that the highest amounts of calories you consume should come from carbohydrates, which is wrong!

Yes all good ideas i do research about what's toxic to my body and what is healthy for example i stay away from pesticide sprayed foods . Eat organic as much as possible. I am staying away from sugar in all it's forms by that i mean foods that turn to sugar inside the body like breads, pasta, cakes, and i read labels to see what's in the stuff i am looking to buy . i am not perfect my mind tells me if one donut is good then 10 would great LOL. What does your mind tell you . It all starts and ends with you. Good luck.

I am so pleased you want to gain weight, this is a great step towards your recovery to a healthy body and healthy mind. Eat a balanced diet, ie follow the eatwell plate, take small steps and keep going. You're doing great

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