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Hello everyone! I am a first time user for this website. Hoping to change my life around and get into shape! I have worked third shift (midnight-8am) for the past couple years and it's taken its toll on me. I don't eat the way I should or get the right amount of sleep and exercise. I love all pasta, bread, chocolate, name it, I love it. I am going to be starting second shift so I'm hoping a change of shifts will help me reach my goals!

I need some help though. I am so afraid to start a "diet" and be miserable because I'm always hungry or craving sweets. I guess I'm asking for ideas. I would like to meal prep my lunches and dinners but have NO idea where to start...any help is happily accepted!!

I really want to be able to commit to a healthy eating schedule and start to get some daily exercises to feel healthy and strong. Thanks in advance!! :-)



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  • Hey Sarah, firstly best of luck! It's great to have such a positive goal. And also definitely helpful to attach one change (diet) to another (shift change). Well done - you're on the right track already! 😃 My first tip is to say sugar is certainly what's driving your cravings -- and I understand how hard it is to give up! (I finally kicked the habit in 2015 but it was definitely difficult). However a good tip for transitioning is to switch your basics: so don't eat white pasta and white bread, switch to wholemeal pasta, wholemeal bread and wholemeal rice. You'll find they're much more filling. Ditch sugary cereals too - plain oats/porridge with some fresh fruit on us a great alternative. And over time you'll be less hungry in between meals too. If you can, also cut out all sugary drinks - even juice. This might be hard but will really help you in the long run. Processed/package food also often contains lots and lots of sugar. Try to make meals with fresh ingredients if yuh can. While a good alternative to bad snacking is a piece of whole fruit like an apple or a few grapes. Still sweet but better for you. Of course the really big demons are those oh so sugary snacks -- those tempting chocolate bars and biscuits. In my case I had to get militant and just stop eating them. (Don't have them in the house = can't eat them!). Obviously this is hard too but you can snack on other, healthier things -- nuts are great (just don't eat the whole bag in one go!). Fruit also good. Carrot sticks & humus for a between meals snack if you're really hungry! There's lots to think about here already but one of the things that's really worth remembering is that change is a process, and it will take time. So don't get disheartened. Every step you take will be beneficial. And the odd step backwards is not the end of the world - so long as you just keep going. Good luck! 😃

  • Thank you!! I won't lie, I am absolutely terrified to start a change in my eating habits. I will be sure to keep posting updates on what works and what doesn't. Who knows, maybe I can help someone else out who is going through the same change I am.

    I appreciate all of your advice! :)

  • Hi, I am new here as well. I have managed to change my eating habits over the past 2 years. I used to eat lots of chocolate and cakes. I was over 2 stone over weight and decided it was time for a change. I looked on it as a healthy eating for life plan and not a diet. I cut down on refined sugar, carbs and processed foods. I have met my weight goal and so far I am keeping the weight off. I am ensuring that I don't get into bad habits with eating sweets and cakes again. It was tough at first especially giving up chocolate, but I am pleased I have managed it. I now have alternatives that I reach for if I feel the need to snack. My snack foods include raw cabbage, carrots, apples, dates and I ensure that I don't have anything in my house that I don't want to eat. I also drink a glass of water if I feel hungry and then check later if I still feel hungry.

    Good luck with changing your eating habits.

  • Thank you! Congratulations on becoming healthier! I love to hear of others that are in the same boat as myself and have the self determination and drive to be better! Drinking water will be another struggle for me. I always tend to run to a cup of coffee or a Diet Pepsi! I am really going to try and fully commit to becoming a healthier version of myself! :-)

  • Take your time, make sure you are doing it for you and be adventurous by trying new foods or recipes. You never know what new flavours you will find. :-D

  • Barmorse01

    No to pepsi. Restrict coffee intake.

    Please watch the video. It's in hindi - an indian language if you can get it translated.

  • 20Voices

    No to dates if you are diabetic.

  • Medjool dates are high in sugar but low GI.

  • BadHare

    It has a high GI, as the carbohydrate will increase blood sugar levels rapidly, but it contains a relatively small amount of the carbohydrate, meaning that it has a low glycemic load. ... It has a Glycemic Index of 72, which is relatively high. However, a typical serving size only has 5 grams of carbohydrate.

    Take in moderate quantity and no other carbs with it.

  • Stop eating anything processed, & count nutrients instead of calories.

    If you have sugar cravings, try taking chelated magnesium at bedtime.

    Add a good probiotic such as kefir to your diet, If you've been eating rubbish, it's likely your gut bacteria are toxic. You'll carry in craving rubbish till you break the cycle.

    If you have to eat pasta, let it cool & don't reheat it too much so

    the starch becomes resistent starch:

  • Sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented vegetables are all good for gut bacteria. Making your own sauerkraut is so easy and you can adjust it's flavour by adding herbs and spices.

    I don't like kimchi but love sauerkraut.

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