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Breakfast - what's the best option?

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The thought of a big breakfast before work makes me sick to my stomach..

I can just about stomach a bowl of cornflakes or cheerios in the morning but always find my stomach having an argument with itself at about 10:30 so opt for a banana every day at this time.

It does get repetitive and boring and I just wondered what I could have for breakfast that would stop the mid morning hunger?

Or any other ideas of what to snack on?


Princess B x

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Cornflakes and cheerios have quite a lot of sugar but very little protein or fat so this is probably why they aren't keeping you full for long. What gives me more staying power is eggs or porridge ( the no added sugar kind). But also I can't eat until I've been up a couple of hours so I take my breakfast to work with me, I really wouldn't want to eat when I'm not hungry and make myself feel sick, that sounds very unpleasant. Are you able to eat while you work, or at a mid morning break, instead of before you leave for work? It might be more comfortable for your stomach!

I'm not a juice plus sales rep. But I do use the shakes when i dont feel like eating, to make sure I get all of my nutrients and to feel full until lunch time.

I take a medication that totally shuts off my hunger signals. So even tho I don't feel like eating I know my body needs food. This is when I drink these shakes. I've done a lot of research into the nutritional value of the shakes and they really are very useful.

(Just a tip. Don't commit to buying a whole 4 months of shakes through a rep. Buy 1 pack on eBay it's much cheaper.) Good luck!

My wife was a health coach and came up with a bunch of recipes for breakfast that are prepped in advance. Some of them are little peanut butter ball things, or she makes a kind of oatmeal muffin.

Those things seem to be pretty easy to stomach. Even our niece who doesn't eat much at all downed one of the oatmeal muffins.

While shakes/juice is good, you just need to make sure you're getting the right amount of macronutrients in the day (fats, carbs, and proteins). The cereal won't hold you for long, so some protein would be good. Juice would have some simple carbs from the fruit, but the more complex carbs you can incorporate the better as well. Wheat toast is an example of a complex carb.

You can try a free trial from meal prepping warrior. It gives you grocery lists and recipes for the meals each week to hit the right macros and everything. You could even just use the breakfast meals (new recipes every week) if you want some variety.

I am following a healthy eating plan at the moment and for breakfast I usually have 40g of porridge, shreddies or shredded wheat and add a sliced banana or some raspberries .

Alternatively I do overnight oats which is 40g porridge with some fat free Greek yogurt and frozen berries left over night , this is lovely and really filling .

I think I'm going to give the over night oats a try! thanks!

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Hi princessbecky,

Have you tried protein bars for breakfast? The protein bars have 20 grams of protein and 25 carbs to get you through until lunch time. I eat the bars everyday and they work pretty well. Plus, they are also gluten free, so they don't give stomach issues if you are gluten intolerant.

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RignoldKeto in reply to Activity2004

Or better yet, try Grenade Carb Killa bars: 26g protein and only 13g carbs of which only 1.4g sugar

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Rignold

Are they gluten free?

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Fran182716Prediabetic in reply to Activity2004

I don't think princessbecky mentioned having gluten issues in her question, but maybe I've missed something from a previous post!

No tbh if I eat any kind of bar I don't think my brain tells me I have had something sufficient .... I have 40g of porridge or shreddies with berries or banana and either milk or yogurt dependant on weather I am doing overnight oats or having it with milk in the morning . That is my fibre intake for the day . If I don't have that I usually have poached or scrambled egg with smoked salmon or ham and some tomatoes . I would then have to have my fibre at some other point in the day . X

These bars are they high in calories/fat content? I have a feeling like I have avoided these bars before but might be mixing them up with something else! Basically I just want to eat more food that will fill me up for longer but won't make me gain weight hahaha

Why this obsession with eating when your body is not ready for food and is telling you as clearly as it can that it doesn't want any yet ? Always listen to your body - it generally knows far better than all the "experts" in the world what is best for you.

We are repeatedly told that we MUST eat breakfast. Why ? For what reason ? If our body needed food it would give you hunger pangs not make you feel sick at the thought of it. Always do what your body asks - not what someone else tells you that you should do. If you are not hungry don't eat until you feel you need food.

Hmm true, but I didn't eat breakfast at all when I was younger and ended up suffering from it because i simply didn't have enough energy. As a bloke, being that thin isn't fun!

Not going to bother reading the other replies, but for me it's plain porridge with a bit of sugar. Couldn't imagine having the stuff on its own as its too bland - if not sugar, definitely add in something a bit sweet. I've found this and a bit of fruit a few hours later can keep me going until lunch!

I do love porridge but not first thing! Do you find you can stomach it and not feel all bubbly inside?

Absolutely fine for me and powers me through. Just read someone below, would also recommend scrambled eggs too. Relatively quick to make - if you're in a rush you can just scramble them the night before and put it in the fridge.

I tend to have eggs or porridge which keeps me going until just before lunch.

Hi princessbecky

best is the home made BF

Have some eggs. This will hold you up

All cereals will make you hungry mid morning '

Its only the Fats & proteins which will sustain you

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princessbecky in reply to

If I could, I would eat eggs every day! Always have them at the weekend but just don't have time or patience in the week also I didn't think eggs were meant to be eaten every day? correct me if I'm wrong but aren't they high in cholesterol or something

in reply to princessbecky

Well... I have 3 eggs in BF & 1 in dinner.

My Lipid levels are normal

Dietary chol.. has minimal impact on serum chol...

Also small dense LDL is atherogenic which anyway is not measured & only total LDL is measured

Chol... is necessary for the production of hormones & also for synthesis of Vitamin D

the words peanut butter truffles definitely caused my tummy to rumble!!!

I make egg muffins in advance with eggs and vegetables. I store them in an air tight container and then just pop them in the microwave to heat up in the morning. Or I I make a spinach omelette. These hold me until lunch and usually don't get hungry until then.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jmrose

That's a great idea, Jmrose! How many do you have at breakfast?

I usually go for a smoothie with banana and frozen fruits sometimes a boiled egg, sometimes a small bowl of oatmeal. For snacks I like carrots, cashews, or sliced strawberries, I might even bring a small bowl of brown rice to snack on :)

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to

Sounds good minus the banana for the smoothie! Too much potassium for me.

Hi there! You can have some yogurt with minced fruits and nuts. I suggest you an apple, banana, ananas and raisins combination. You can add some cinnamon if you like. I also like very much yogurt with honey, you should try it!

Instead of breakfast cereals you can eat chestnuts with honey. Very delicious!!!


I am a mental health Nurse and qualified gym instructor, though not an expert in diet i have or had all the usual human weaknesses and do read etc a lot here goes

First of all don't buy cornflakes or cherios. They are all rubbish over processed cereals with high levels of salt. They have no real substance and you'll feel hungry early.

Try porridge though not the ones in packets just good oats like quaker which can be made really tasty and add the fruits etc FRESH or frozen but not tinned or processed in some other way. Or get healthy muesli as most of them have a lot of sugar. The only ones I can find in ordinary supermarkets that don't have added salt or sugar somewhere are Dorset cereals especially the extra nutty or Jordan's natural meusli

My wife loves avocado and scrambled egg for breakfast which is quite filling and gives you great nutrients and proteins. Add a small piece of brown bread or rye bread or similar if you need the carbs otherwise just the egg and avocado will do. Add a sprinkle of chili flakes or pepper to season.

Avoid bacon and sausages and other processed meats as high in bad fats and salt. So no full English.

I love fried eggs using a low calorie spray to stop them sticking only with fried tomatoes and a piece of toast. Really yummy.

If breakfast really is hard for you eat that big banana first to get you going it'll last a couple of hours and take breakfast into work.

But if you have no appetite you need to ask yourself why. If you are drinking every night or something like that then stop or cut down

Try going to bed earlier and getting up earlier so you have woken up a bit.

Happy eating !


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Activity2004Administrator in reply to nickthenurse

This is a great idea for breakfast. I have 2 hard boiled eggs and a Greek yogurt every morning; 7 days a week. I count carbs for each meal and snack because I’m a type 1 Diabetic. I’m eating a low carb and high protein with a gluten free diet. I’m also gluten intolerant.

At the moment, in the UK anyway, it's Strawberries...... Plentiful, not expensive, and Beautiful! No question......


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Hi Andrew, you've stumbled on a 4yo post, so I don't know it you'll get a reply now :)

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AndrewT in reply to Cooper27

I was always 'Bang Up To Date'!...... Sorry.....


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Don't worry about it, happens all the time!

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