Start of Exercise Yesterday!

Morning All I started my exercise yesterday as I promised I would so I had a little walk in morning after school about 2 miles in the afternoon did 20mins on cross trainer and 15 mins on a exercise bike . Then last night I hunted my Davina McCall twister with resistance straps attached and did 500 twist and every 100 I did some arm resistance only about 10 ( that was tough!) found my skipping rope and did 100 skips ( waited for it to be a little dark so neighbours couldn't see lol! ) All this added up on my step counter came to a grand total of 12000 steps and I'm not feeling any pains today........well not yet anyway hope there no delayed reaction. Have agood day everyone.

Onwards and Downwards 😍😍😍😍😍😍


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  • Well done, long may it continue for you x

  • Well done. Remember build it slowly otherwise you may end up injuring yourself.

  • Yes my son (18) has said the same thing so he is going draw Up a exercise plan for me. Great I said but please can you do it this year!!!!!!!!!

  • Although you did do a lot yesterday, the most important thing is that you stuck to your promise (you started), possibly shedding some of the inhibitions and insecurities in the process, so you ought to be proud of your accomplishment.

    Granted, yesterday's efforts may have led to a degree of soreness (Saturday may leave you feeling worse), but DOMS is something that'll subside once the muscles become accustomed to regular exercise.

    Although aching muscles may leave you feeling less than inclined, still attempt gentle exercise (to increase blood flow to the affected muscles), followed by stretching to ease any stiffness.

    Warming the muscles through friction massage is also a great way to ease stiffness.

    As suggested by both Swasan and your son, ease yourself into regular exercise at a measured rate, since it'll allow you to retain motivation, in addition to presenting your muscles with the opportunity to adapt.

  • Thank you for your advice taken on board you were so right I'm just so motivated at the moment I think I can do anything but defiantly going to take gently and build up otherwise I be held up and I need to care of these old bones!lol

  • With exercise, upon its completion, you should always be left feeling as though you probably could have done a little more.

    By keeping the above in mind, not only is the risk of injury/excessive fatigue reduced, enthusiasm for regular exercise is maintained, alongside the encouragement to improve upon the previous week's performance, for example.

    As for rest, as much as you probably don't wish to consider it, don't under-estimate its importance, since it allows the body to recover from exertion, thus, promoting strength and endurance of the muscles themselves.

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