2nd Knee replacement

Hiya everyone. two weeks since my second knee replacement and it was better than my first. and I was well happy with my first one. they have moved on a lot in the three yr gap. I returned frim surgery at 1pm and I was up and walking with zimmer frame at 7pm. off my crustche by the weekend. Noe been two weeks and I am up and about completely pain free. Go to get my clips out this morning, 24 of them. I go to Disneyland florida in 11 weeks. So now I am pain free...woooohoooo. Its full steam ahead...well as full steam as knee will allow. I can now get back to my daily walks and start to get into some structured exercise. I am sooooooo happy.

Jo x


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5 Replies

  • Hi Jo,

    So glad to hear that your second knee replacement operation went better than the first one, that's great! Fantastic to hear you were up and walking with your Zimmer frame the same day, and off your crutches by the weekend - wow! So glad you're pain free now - 2 week's later.

    Not long now till your Disneyland Florida holiday - bet you're excited!!!

    Enjoy your walks and structured exercise, and wishing you the best of luck.

    Great that you're feeling so happy - that's a lovely feeling!

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you Zest. Onwards with Health and downwards with weight x

  • That gives others confidence to go for surgery. So pleased you're doing so well it's great news

  • I am very pleased for you but you need really to find out why you needed a new knew in the first place. You were provided with perfectly good ones, what has caused them to fail? There was something missing from your diet or something that has caused the trouble. You need to find out before you have a hip failure. Sorry to a bit negative but it is the truth. Enjoy your trips. Tibbly

  • It's arthris, I've had it for about 15yr. It started a few yr after a knee accident. Second one due to compensating and taking the weight of first one x

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