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I have recently started on a low fodmap diet and so far my IBS has calmed dowm quite a bit. Still only in the first two weeks so a way to go yet before I can introduce food back in. The problem I have is that this diet cuts out a lot quorn which I use to get my protein. I know there is protien in lots of foods but I worry I don't get enough. Am going to get vitamin supplements as well. But is there anyone out there who knows of any Fodmap friendly vegetarian recipes that I could try? Any help appreciated.



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  • Hiya, I don't eat meat, don't actually have ibs and am ok with wheat and dairy but am intolerant to the high fodmap beans and veg broccoli, kale, sprouts, cabbage ,onions and worst of all leeks (tummy blows up like a full term pregnancy!)I did check out the quorn range in case wheat ever became a problem, and there is wheat in a lot of the products but not the mince or chicken style pieces so you can use them too cook from scratch. I tried this week after reading somewhere, that the green stalks of spring onions are tolerated better than the bulb, and I was ok using a small amount (cooked) Quinoa is a complete protein and gluten free, also a lowish GI carb. I use a lot of meditteranean veg which are completely fine, you can get protein from nuts and eggs. Check if you can have other pulses like chickpeas or lentils, I'm ok with these but not beans. I do sympathise with you, I could manage without wheat but would really miss dairy. A friend of mine is in same situation to you, she seems to manage a really varied diet at home, cooking from scratch. ☀️

  • Hi, I haven't cut out dairy as I am pretty sure I am not lactose intolerant and as I seem to be feeling a bit better I'm most likely not. My problem is variety and thinking of new ways to prepare and eat the food. I didn't know that about the quorn chicken pieces. Have used spring onion tops instead of onion and it was pretty good. :)

  • Hi trestababy, if you are ok with dairy that makes things easier as you get complete protein with milk, cheese etc. some ideas: chili made with quorn mince, spring onion tops, sweet peppers and the usual spice mix (mine is oregano, mild chili, coriander and cumin) with passata, just minus the kidney beans tastes just as good. Have with rice or quinoa and grated cheese on top or big blob of cream cheese. Quorn chicken pieces and paneer curry, use either curry powder or individual spices you like, can use any type of milk for a creamy sauce thickened with cornflour, or passata if you want tomato based rather than creamy, I sometimes put carrot and spinach in too, have with rice if you like. One of my favourites easy if I bring work home and don't want to stand and cook: sweet potato cooked in my electric steamer, microwave some frozen peas and sweetcorn, mash together with butter or olive oil, pop it on top of some bagged salad and crumble feta cheese on top while it's still hot so the cheese just stars to melt sound a mess but it's really yum! Hope that's given you a few ideas☀️

  • Sounds yummy.

  • Sorry I can not help, I am also looking for vegetarian fodmap and also having to try lactose free for a month, just got back from the supermarket, could not find anything suitable, going shopping again tomorrow,

    Please let me know if you find anything


  • Baked potatoes with butter (if you have butter) are a staple of mine and I made some bolognese with mince and the green bits of spring onions and some wheat free pasta. Apart from that my mind is a blank.

  • Thanks for that. I will check it out and the recipe.

  • Will go look



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