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I am a 60 year old women about 16 months ago I went on a diet I was a massive 155 kilos. The first 14 months great lost weight every month, I am now 90 kilos. Still over weight and I would like to get down to 60 or 70 kilos.

I do Water Aerobics 6 days a week for about hour to hour and half, and I work my body very hard. I walk more and ride a bike.

I eat healthy smoothie fruit and veg for breakfast, lunch is a banana and salad for evening meal normally with chicken no skin. If I snack it would be a few grapes, Apple, pear.

I don't eat ready meals etc anything I do eat I make from scratch, I have given up sugar apart from sugar that is in food.

And for the last two months I have not loss any weight an odd pound it is very demoralised and disappointing.

Health wise I did have type 2 diabetes and are now diabetes free as from April, as it is now controlled by diet and exercise. So really good news.

My body shape has changed due to the exercising, I really don't get that muscle is heavier than fat? A pound of fat is the same as a pound of muscle.

I understand that sometime your body goes into starvation mode, I understand you sometimes loss inches and not weight. I both weigh and measure my body once a week and everything apart from very small changes nothing is moving.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. My doctor said I am doing all the right things and my diet is fine well something must be going wrong


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  • It sounds to me as if you've done amazing things and continue to do the right things to lose weight. I have stopped losing weight myself but I have to admit, I've allowed a few treats to creep back in - one of the perils of long-term weight loss! And yes, sometimes I think you reach a stage where your energy in equals your energy out and your body can be very efficient at using that fuel it does get. The important thing is not to be discouraged, to keep a food diary for a week so you are really sure you're not adding in anything you should avoid, and just keep at it. Remember, you are so much healthier than you were that even if you never lost another pound, you've done fantastic things for your body.

    Oh, and re a pound of fat and a pound of muscle... Just think that a pound of fat would look a lot bigger on the scales than a pound of muscle! It's like the difference between, say, a pound of cornflakes and a pound of chicken. The pile of cornflakes would be huge!

  • ArtyMegs

    Please watch your diet.

    No to grapes and bananas if you want to lose weight.

    Hypocalorie Keto diet and exercise can help.

  • Suramo, why do you say that you can't lose weight if you eat grapes and bananas?

  • I think this was referring to a keto diet where grapes and bananas would be avoided due their high carb/ sugar content. However keto is only one way to lose weight and though has good health benefits for some is not necessary for everyone.

    I'm finding it a little frustrating on this healthy eating site that people state what works for them as though it is the only way of eating which should be followed by everyone. Unless someone has a metabolic disorder they will lose weight if they burn more calories than they eat, which can of course include grapes and bananas and is personal preference (personally I find grapes too sweet). A lot of fruit = quite a lot of sugar and many people would find they are more satiated by more fat and protein, but that's individual.

    ArtyMegs I would suggest that for weight loss you might like the health unlocked weight loss forum where there is support and encouragement for people losing weight in a steady sustainable way, there are people following several different methods (including keto if this what suits you) good luck 😀

  • Thanks for replying Fran, I also find it frustrating when people post this sort of questionable, incomplete and often unbalanced information as if it is fact hence my question.

  • I agree Catbutler , I'm just going to edit my post to tag the original poster in as my suggestion regarding the weight loss forum was for her 😀

  • Catbutler


    😊😊. Cool down. It's not incomplete and unbalanced information nor it's like suits someone and not others. Our bodies react more or less similarly except for a few exceptions.

    As far as weight reduction is concerned, as long as you take high carb diet, whatever exercise you do isn't going to benefit you. Roughly you have to walk 1 km to burn 10 g of carbs. So if you really want to lose weight, you need to reduce your carbs to a great extent. If not, keto keep as low as possible - the carb intake along with exercise to your capacity.

    Have a nice time.

  • Personally I have decreased carbs and increased natural fats, that works well for me. But on the other forum I regularly use people have successfully lost weight with diets containing higher carb content because that is what suits them.

    I don't disagree with the way you eat at all and agree it is successful for many, but I do disagree with you stating people cannot lose weight any other way.

  • Fran182716,

    Please check your PMs in a few minutes.

  • Please check your PMs. Just sent you the messag, Fran182716.

  • Fran182716

    Madam. I don't agree that i'm dictating you. I put forward my views. Nothing personal here and nothing offensive. You may eat whatever you like.

    Gud luk.

  • Suramo, I have edited my post above as I can see you were aiming to help. Best wishes.

  • Catbutler

    Both full of carbs.

  • As are lots of foods suramo, and carbs should be part of a balanced diet so your comment about grapes and bananas is nonsense.

  • Catbutler,

    I'm going to be sending you a PM in a few minutes. Please look for it soon.

  • Sent the note now. Please check, Catbutler.

  • Relax Catbutler

    You may not agree but nonsense is too strong a word.

    What is your definition of balanced diet let's all know. How much carbs proteins and fats? Please keep the debate healthy and let's respect eachothers sentiments. You have all rights to disagree.

    Thank you.

  • Sounds like you need to be eating more food to see weight loss. If you're under your BMR (basal metabolic rate), then you're body will go into starvation mode and hold on to the calories and store them as fat. Your BMR is how many calories your body burns just by doing nothing. With you exercising and being active, I would also recommend you eating a few more carbs. That's your energy source, and it sounds like you are getting some from fruit, but complex carbs are going to be more beneficial for you.

    The ideal amount of calories is above your BMR (there are calculators out there for that) and below your maintenance level of calories.

    It sounds kind of weird, but eating more in your case will help you see the results you're looking for.

    Check out Meal Prepping Warrior. It was started by a health coach, and she does all of the hard calculations for you, so you just prep the meals outlined each week and they have the perfect ratio of macronutrients (fats, carbs, and proteins) to help you lose the weight. It's more than just calories.

    You're right, 1 pound of fat = 1 pound of muscle but muscle is more dense. It's like holding a lead weight and foam in the other hand. If you had one pound of each, you'd end up with a small lead weight and a bunch of foam. Fat is the "foam" and is less dense. So you could stay the same weight, but see changes in your body and be getting smaller and more muscular. The muscle will speed your metabolism up and help you make progress more quickly as well. Good job for getting out there and working hard!

  • brintona

    One needs to reduce calorie requirement by 30%. Carbs are not the only source of energy. One can live on proteins and fats lifelong and whatever carbs are needed by our body can be produced by gng from prots and fats.

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