Is my diet healthy?

Hello, this is my first post sorry for the wall of text. I wanted to ask about the diet i have been on for about two weeks. I eat about 1500 calories a day, I am 6 feet tall weigh 277 pounds and im a male. At first I felt great i lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks and I had energy. Now with no changes I am sluggish, always tierd, and i gaind back 2 pounds. I am not very active because I have a bad back so I want to lose some weight before exersizing. Please give me feed back because i have no idea whats going on.My diet consists of

Morning 4 eggs , half a bell pepper, half an onion , half a cup of fat free greek yogurt with honey and granola, and a fruit smoothie with a green tea base smoothie has spinich and bananna and a few other fruit.

In between breakfest and lunch a protien shake.

Lunch, spinich salad 2 cups , half a cucumber, 4 straberries , carrots, olive oil dressing, then a side of 2 cans of tuna in water.

Dinner, cup of chicken breast, half a bell pepper, half an onion, hand full of mushrooms and cook with coconut oil ,and 1 cup of broccoli.

Thank you for your time , ive been over weight my whole life and im trying to change that. So any information is appreciated.

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  • I dont eat much honey and its raw honey so its better than sugar, i also eat about 100 grams of protien a day (amino acids) eggs, protien shake, chicken , tuna, non fat greek yogurt. Do i need more? Also i dont eat much fruit 4 strawberries and a bananna is really it. And i didnt know about not cooking the coconut oil ill change that up. What do you mean by blood group? Thanks for your time.

  • Careful, oils can degenerate when heated and can become carcinogenic. If you saw the method of extracting some of the oils you'd never go near them again. Have a look at: Use animal fats, duck fat, lard or butter. Microwave cooking causes cell destruction in the food, avoid it. We won't have one the house.


  • What's in the low fat greek yoghurt?

    Keep off artificial foods, sweeteners, etc.

  • 14 grams of protien, no fat, 100 cal 6 grams sugar for a cup. No artificial sweeteners.

  • What makes it thick? Low fat diets are not healthy. The body, especially the brain, needs saturated fat.

  • Many more pages like his one:

    All crank diet will suit some people. :-/

    I cook infrequently with coconut &/or ricebran oil.

    I like Chris Kresser's non cranky food advice, though he's pro-paleo, which would be hard for my veggie diet. What he writes seems common sense, & it's free to sign up for e-books & articles like this:

  • Coconut oil is one of the best oils to cook with, as it's made from saturated fat, so has a high flash point and doesn't become cancer causing when heated like vegetable oils do.

    Also, your diet is much too low in fat, as Leverette says, fat is essential to our body and brain! You need to increase levels of good saturated fats such eggs, full fat (Preferably organic and non homogenised....Raw is even better if you can get it!!), butter, cheese, oily fish, flax and only cook with animal fats or coconut oil.

  • The blood group/food type hypothesis has no scientific basis whatsoever.

    The foods that will suit each of us will have more to do with availability & epigenetics, rather than than just blood type.

  • Well done. Dinner and lunch look fine to me. Breakfast - you could change your 4 eggs into 2 .and have baked beans..change yogurt for 0% total or other natural fat free alternatives..granola is rather high in sugar..have you heard of overnight oats..35g oats any fresh fruit on top and yogurt to top or off place in fridge overight as it suggests. I'm not a love of smoothies but everyone is different as I feel that you are losing out on the satisfaction of actually eating the fruit/veg. Hope this was helpful-ish

  • Okay thanks for the response.ill try that, adding some beans, and i currently eat 0% fat greek yogurt i forgot to add that. The granola I only buy with low sugar. Mine has 5 grams per serving of 1/4th cup which is about what I use. Ill try the over night. And ill try eating less eggs but do you think my calorie count would be too low? Only reason I eat 4 is to add a few more calories since i am at 1500 total and 2k is alot bigger than average lol. Thanks for your time.

  • Sorry I don't do calories. We all have our own ways of battling the bulge..You're doing amazing keep going itll be worth it in the end!! I've lost 22lbs since 2nd Jan by healthy eating

  • Thanks! And your doing awesome! Good job on that 22 pounds!

  • I agree there is a lot of sugar in your breakfast - fruit, granola and maybe even some in your low fat yoghurt. Look out for that.

    Are you literally eating the same thing every day? Because I think that can be a bit of bore for your digestive system. Vary your diet, and introduce some healthy fats in the form of nuts, seeds, avocado etc.

    I worry 1500 calories is too little for a male of your weight. Try allowing yourself 1700-1800 for a while and see how you get on.

  • I eat the same thing every day currently. Is eating the same thing everyday bad? Because I dont mind. Ill try to cut down on sugar in the morning. I was also thinking about adding brown rice and some pulses that will add to my calories. Maybe ill add avacado to my lunch salad every day. Any other advice? Thanks for your time!

  • Well my concern is basically that you risk missing out key nutrients - for example, this plan might not have enough calcium, and that's alright for one day, but it's not ok every day.

    The other thing is, eating the same thing every day becomes a lot like a fad diet. Once you lose the weight, you'll decide you're fed up of eating 2 tins of tuna every day for lunch, and you'll go back to the bad diet you had before because it's more interesting. In reality, you need to learn healthy eating habits for the rest of your days - so if you're not happy eating the same 3 meals forever more, then ultimately you'll be doing it for nothing. Learn a good repertoire of healthy meals, and it will help you stay healthy for as long as possible.

  • Okay makes sense, I mainly eat the same thing daily because im working full time while going to school so ive been getting into the routine. Ill figure out a way to change it up and learn new meals. Thanks!

  • Slow cookers are fab if you're short on time and want a hot meal :)

  • I would say yes eating the same thing is not good. Your body needs variety and variety will also ensure you get a good balance of nutrients.

    Set yourself a task of having a different breakfast, a different lunch and a different dinner every day for a week. Drink plenty of water and see how much better you feel.

    Variety is the spice of lifr

  • Im new to living alone and cooking lol. I have been learning as I go but since i am working full time + 7 credit hours of school , than i have started working out. So its been a bit hectic. But ill get better at adding more meals! Thanks for the advice!

  • It's not so difficult once you get the hang of it. And there are so many really simple to make nourishing dishes that can be made cheaply and easily

    I'm sure you will get plenty of good ideas on here

  • You think that there is something wrong with the sugar in fruit?

  • Too much sugar, whether from fructose in fruit, or refined is bad for the body. Obviously fruit is healthier than refined sugar, but still don't go overboard!

  • Eat lots of fruit, the fibre in fruits can help your body regulate the sugar in fruits.

  • There isn't anything wrong with a bit of fruit, but most nutritionists recommend that you shouldn't eat more than 1-2 piece s of fruit per day when trying to lose weight. The poster has a banana and 'a few other pieces of fruit' In a fruit smoothie. The issue with fruit smoothies is that you can easily drink 4 pieces of fruit where you might only eat 2 in their whole form, and the sugars are released faster. Together with granola, it's just a lot of sugar in one quick go, and that's the issue.

  • Hi Deciphersoul,

    You might find the following link to the NHS Healthy Eating pages helpful too:

    There is also another community called NHS weight loss which might be helpful, and here is the link to that community, if you'd like to have a look:

    Zest :-)

  • As the others have said the breakfast may have too much sugar with the honey granola and fruit, I'm no expert but the rest looks pretty healthy to me, if you are having the same every day maybe tweak a little, different veg, salmon or white fish instead of tuna some days, you get a better range of vitamins and minerals with more variety but you can stick to the basic format if that's helping you. good luck 😀

  • Alright ill try changing it up! And have less sugar for breakfest. Thank you!

  • I watched Food: Truth or Scare on BBC 1 this morning - coconut oil is a big no no because it contains 92% saturated fat - twice as much as butter...xx

  • Thats really good to know! do you know whats recommend? I only chose that because i read it was healthy. The problem is I dont know what are trusted sources of healthy eating, hence why im here. Thanks for the info!

  • Olive oil has the least saturated fat. Have a watch of the series on iplayer - been on all this week and it's very interesting...xx

  • Olive oil it is Thanks!

  • Extra Virgin olive oil typically has almost 14% saturated fat.

    Human body fat is almost 60:40 mono-unsaturated to saturated fat, with only small amounts of essential fatty acids. Presumably we have evolved the energy reserve that is best for us.

  • It depends what the saturated fats come from, from certain things it can be good but from others like meat it might not be so good.

    Do the research.

  • Except eating natural saturated fat doesn't cause ill health ANewMe2017

    I've been following a low glycaemic/high natural fat diet for years, and had a scan last year that showed I have zero calcification of the heart.

  • You need to research more instead of taking the BBC as Gospel. Coconut oil is a saturated fat but it is different to other saturated fats because it can raise the amount of good cholesterol in the body.

    Do your own research, the Internet is here for us all to continually learn.

  • Thanks Jimtom. I presumed (wrongly so apparently) that the programme contained correct information to enable me to live a healthier lifestyle, which is why I replied to the original post. However, watching these programmes - and there has been a glut of them since the beginning of the year - I have now realised that facts and figures are manipulated all of the time to suit different agendas, and you basically 'can't do right, for doing wrong'...xx

  • All this can be very confusing and it's hard to know who or what is correct, it's all trial and error really but you will get there eventually.

  • Saturated fat is NOT bad for you, doesn't cause heart attacks or make you fat! That is one HUGE outdated myth! The BBC love spreading propaganda, a lot of what they say is fake news!

  • I'm not a dietician, but the first thing which struck me is the lack of whole grains. I would add wholemeal bread, brown rice, barley, buckwheat, quinoa etc to your salads and main meals to fill you up. Ther is also nothing wrong with potatoes and sweet potatoes if you dont smother them with fat. Baked sweet potatoes with chilli beans is delicious. Cut out the protein shake and eat less eggs. Try baked beans, porridge, avocado on toast. Why are you eatin two cans of tuna? Canning tuna destroys the beneficial oils. Try red salmon, mackeral and sardines. Only small amounts of prtein are required unless you are an athlete. Most people eat too much. If you cant do strenous exercise try yoga, pilates or tai chi.

  • My early reaction is that you are eating too much, and lacking green vegetables except for the spinach. Where's the wholemeal bread? Stop snacking between meals and give your digestive system a rest and time to deal with what it has. If your diet was complete you wouldn't need snacks or want them. Smoothies are concentrated food, only have them as a treat. Your diet seems to lack slow release foods. Don't cook with coconut oil as it degenerates when heated. Use animal fat, duck fat, lard or even butter.

    Get away from packets, why Granola? Have porridge or muesli and only have honey as a treat as would ancient man. One egg would be plenty.

    Why are you measuring everything in cups? You can eat as much and as many green vegetable as you like. Cabbage, sprouts, and cauliflower all cooked quickly in a little boiling water; 6 minutes maximum.

    You don't seem to be enjoying your meals as they look like a disciplined listing to me.

    You can check out your body mass index to see if you are really over weight go to: A very useful calculator with advice.

    Good luck, Tibbly

  • Coconut oil is one of the best oils to cook with Tibbly, due to it's high saturated fat content.

  • For all that it is a vegetable oil and i would like to be sure that it doesn't degenerate at elevated temperatures as do other vegetable oils. Why must we always be looking for alternatives when the original animal fats have been proved by time? Tibbly

  • 'Heat, along with light and oxygen, can destroy the beneficial fats in some oils. Polyunsaturated fats are the most fragile and are not recommended for cooking. Coconut oil, being mainly a saturated fat, is able to withstand higher temperatures than other oils, making it one of the best oils for cooking. It also gives a delicious taste and superb texture to foods. Use organic extra-virgin coconut oil for the best quality.'

    '"More and more, we are realising that the food scientists who scared us away from cooking with certain fats got it wrong. It was our grannies – who cooked with goose fat or butter, ghee or coconut oil, depending on where they came from – who had the right idea."'

  • Hi,

    Try cuting out the raw cruciferous veg, ie, spinach & broccolli. Only eat these well cooked.

    Also make sure you do not put soya powder in your protein shake. (Do you need more protein on top of all the fish, meat & yoghurt?)

    These are foods that are goitrogenic. This means they will slow down your thyroid function & stop the hormones you need for energy getting to your cells to burn fat. Make sure you cook cruciferous veg thoroughly before eating, so soups are good for this, as well as being filling. Some of the fruits you eat are also goitrogenic, so look up what to add or leave out.

    I piled on weight, a few years ago, whilst eating 1000 calories a day. The more raw greens & tofu I ate, the bigger I got. This was an issue until I realised I'm hypothyroid, & needed to cut out certain foods that are otherwise considered healthy to other people. Now, I avoid soya, unless it's been fermented, ie, I only eat tamari & miso, though there are other fermented types. I still eat lots of crucifers, as they're tasty & high in nutrients, but avoid eating them raw.

    Maybe add organic kefir to your diet, to replace the greek yoghurt. It's higher in probiotics, so might imrove your digestion & absorption. You could add some seeds, & use it to replace your protein shake. A good sprinkle of organic apple cider vinegar on your salad (get the cloudy type, with probiotics) might help, too.

    Get yourself checked out for hypothyroidism. The Barnes basal body temperature test is a good way to start, & only costs a few £'s or $'s for a thermometer.


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