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Knee pain since several month

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I've been struggling with knee pain since a while. I changed my diet to veggies only and had everything done..., you can imagine. Still, no results. :(

Does anyone has advise, please?

I just read here that the cinnamon and honey in hot water suppose to get rid of arthritis pain. I don't think I got arthritis, but it maybe worth trying.

Any input on that matter?

23 Replies
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Change the diet menu vegtables soup/use more Garlic,ginger also use

petroleum jel smear over the knee, time being relief. bcos above 40 yrs bones are weak.

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Cennet in reply to pasrafali

Thank you!

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Gelatine powered will also be of great help you may actually be having the early signs of arthritis anyone can suffer from it regardless of age race or gender a teaspoon a day of gelatine with water or juice will bring relief and eventually the pain will cease. You can have it with water or juice remember gelatine is what cushions our bones from scraping against each other, you may also look into hemp oil it's another solution to arthritis and many other health issues. Good luck

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Cennet in reply to Donabanucci

I'll definitely have to buy some gelatin, thank you. Yes, I'm 30 now and it is annoying. :(

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Donabanucci in reply to Cennet

Tell me about it but the weather also plays a big role in these bone issues. My doctor kept prescribing pain killers and I got tired of taking them so I did a lot of research on gelatine and hemp oil trust me it's working for me you could try taking it 3 times a week to begin with I call the booster 😂😂😂

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When you say changed to just veggies, I hope you don't mean you just cut out the meat in your diet without taking great care to ensure you have the correct balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats as well as all the vitamins and minerals.

Have you consulted a doctor about your knee pain ? There are many reasons you could have that pain with arthritis only one of them. Get a proper assessment of what is going on then if it is arthritis then diet can be helpful in reducing symptoms in rheumatoid arthritis but not sadly in osteoarthritis. With osteoarthritis your weight is important as too much weight places strain on the joints.

A physio or chiropractor could also help in looking at the way you move, sit , stand etc


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Cennet in reply to deejames

Yes, I've seen different doctors from orthopedics, natural doctors and the list goes on.... I'm at a chiropractor now and getting massages

I'll definitely make sure to balance my diet.

Thank you. :)

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Fructose raises uric acid levels and will make arthritis worse, whether from table sugar, honey or fruit for example.

A balanced diet would include twice as much energy from natural fat compared to carbohydrate; a vegetable only diet is severely imbalanced. We also need small amounts of protein. The micro-nutrients from real food are as vital as the macro-nutrients.

Resistance exercise is beneficial by increasing muscle strength to support joints.

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Cennet in reply to Concerned

Thank you there!

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My knees were very painful a year ago - couldn't sleep without painkillers. Problem gone now that I have lost 3 stone in weight - the poor knees were just overloaded.

Whilst they were sore, I used an elastic support bandage in the day (with velcro) which helped tremendously, and slept with a pillow under my knee at night. Hot baths or showers, and hot water bottles help too to encourage more blood flow to the area.

I didn't find any benefit from cod liver oil or glucosamine was all down to a physical overload. My knees are still a bit creaky (age 61) but no pain now, and can run up the stairs again!

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Cennet in reply to DartmoorDumpling

See, perhaps that's my problem. I've gained some weight the last year. I'm 5'9 155 pounds, but my whole life long I weight no more than 135 pounds. Ugh. The weight is just not coming off, it seems like. :(

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sophie212121 in reply to Cennet

well you are still young , you can get that weight off ... I gradually gained weight and swim for my knees

but had two knee replacements... sometines its just happens.. but you get that weight off ....

before you cant

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Cennet in reply to sophie212121

I do go to the gym. I've ride the bike or on better days I do the elliptical machine, but I can't push myself because of my knee. Yes, maybe I should start going to swim. Thank you!

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Cennet in reply to DartmoorDumpling

Thank you!!!

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I have just finished reading a book entitled The Magnesium Miracle by Carolyn Dean and having put in place many of the suggestions I can vouch for the claim "miracle" even after two weeks. Many of us are severely magnesium deficient for all sorts of reasons, including soil depletion, pharmaceutical drugs, stress and poor diet. Restoring a balance of magnesium brings many health benefits including short and long term relief from arthritic pain.

I now use magnesium spray three times a day and the benefits have been so encouraging, including the lowering of blood pressure, better sleep quality and the relief of arthritic pain. The spray can tingle a little on contact with the skin, but having had IV magnesium in the past, I would prefer the spray any day.

Weight loss, as Dartmoor Dumpling says, is also recommended in order to take any extra weight off joints.

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Cennet in reply to salab

Thank you!! I'm taking some with blend of Zink, Magnesium and D3.

I'm hoping it will help now.

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Thanks a lot!!!

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It will help if you read the book too. It is difficult to take enough magnesium orally to correct deficiency without getting diarrhea and that is why transdermal magnesium would be a better option. Also, taking D3 if you are deficient in magnesium can exacerbate symptoms.

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I think you may have arthritis , have you had knee replacements ? regular medication is the best , weather will cause a change if the pain is artrtitis

exercise in a pool makes you feel better

Good luck!

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Cennet in reply to sophie212121

No knee replacements. Unfortunately, nothing significant happen. I just got this weird knee pain after a run one day. :/

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How are your Vitamin D levels?

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Cennet in reply to Silver_Fairy

Last time I got an overall check, everything was normal. I do take vitamin d supplements.

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Silver_Fairy in reply to Cennet

What was your last vit d blood test result (with ranges)? The GP's 'normal' is probably not optimal.

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