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This great Gran needs a Knee Op

Hello, I'm Monica, I desperately need to loose a BIG chunk of weight. It's slowly crept up and up over the years until its now at a dangerous level. I need a knee replacement but NHS wont do it until my weight has reduced somewhat.

We eat healthy , lots of fruit and Veg, rarely, have dessert. I only have the odd snack i.e. an occasional packet of crisps. No sweets but sometimes a small square of 70% dark chocolate in the evening. Dislike fizzy drinks and alchol.

My problem is portion controll. All my life I've shopped and cooked for family and now I cook for two men ( Hubby and son) as well as me.

I have severe back pain results of an accident and working 30+ years in the NHS. I now need a knee replacement but the weight is proving a stumbling block.

I do swim at least 30 minutes followed by leg and back excerises in the water at least 3 times a week more if the I can manage. Walking and distance is painful and pain meds are not much help I've tried all sorts of pain management over the years to keep me going by as the pain has worsened my excerise tolerance has reduced.

As a Nurse and Midwife its stressful for me to actually admit I need Help

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I think it is great that you are exercising. You know as a nurse that being in the healthiest state possible puts you in the best condition for an operation and recovery. That should be your motivation. Cooking for others is going to be difficult as that may compromise your meals and lead you into temptation.

Too many carbs are normally the culprit with weight especially refined carbs. I would cut those out immediately. No white rice, no white bread, no brown bread (in fact forget supermarket bread it is of poor value), no sugar, no diet drinks. Be careful with your breakfast cereals – they are too processed. Even the ones that appear to be wholegrain tend to be over processed – let your body do the processing not the factory.

Eat good food not processed food. Follow a low GI diet where possible. I like Patrick Holford’s books. As a nutritionist he gives sound advice and some of his recipe books can give you ideas for meals that can be tasty, enjoyable and healthy.

Good luck.

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Thank you, read this just as I was about to make sandwiches for us all. Now I think I'll make the menfolk a sandwich and a quick salad with some tuna for me.

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Good decision.


What type of salad?


Very basic, mixed green leaves, cucumber,tomato. It's the end of the week and the fridge need replenishing with more fresh veggies


Sounds great!😀


Hello monettilica

Few suggestions

Reg weight loss. Adopt low carb for quick wt loss.

Cut down on carbs like grains.

Replace sugar with stevia or non GMO erythritol

Inc good fats like ghee butter coconut oil avocado etc

Lots of cruciferous veggies like broccoli

Add up proteins

For pain relief take before bed time

A glass of full fat milk with 1/2 teaspoon turmeric and 1/2 teaspoon ghee and a pinch of pepper. Heat to boil.

It will take a weeks time for results to appear

Try carb to reduce weight quickly

All the best


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