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Hi I'm needing advice,i was diagnosed with under active thyroid the end of last year,ive been on small dosage of thyroxine since then I got blood samples taken last week,im concerned I am waken up with severe headaches and from late afternoon till I go to bed I'm feeling like I'm sea sick my head is swimming,im going through menopause,and I take lots of supplements but this with feeling sea sick is worrying me,i went to docs last week and all I get is a nod of the head,i have severe arthritis and overweight too I cant take painrelief as I have sjs so what if any can I eat to help me to lose weight and get back some sort of life,i go to bed at 7pm as I find it hard to stay awake.

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Hi Megsplace,

Really sorry to hear you're having those difficulties at the moment. There is a forum called 'Thyroid UK' that you might like to look into, as they might be a support for you?

I know you went to see your GP last week, but sounds as if you didn't really get much support there, and maybe a second opinion from another doctor might be worth looking into?

I really hope you'll find some help and support and that you have a reasonable week ahead.

Zest :-)

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