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Constant fatigue

Hi, so over the last year now i have been going back and fourth to the doctors (local GP 1 who i see regularly) with tiredness and increased sensitivity to cold. i have had most blood tests done now, things like my thyroid have been check diabetes all your normal sort of ones and they have all come back clear.

In December i was then having shaking episodes along side the fatigue which i take naps for and go to bed early as a 21 year old university student its not normal. However in December it was noted that my neutophil count had dropped so it was monitored, i was then passed on to hematology (hospital doctor) where further tests have been run still no clue and i am still being monitored.

In the interim some new symptoms emerged like excessive thirst resulting in lots of peeing i also had constant nausea which would come and go along with stomach pains but my ultra sound has come back saying my abdominal organs are all fine and hunky dory!

Recently i have been going gluten free this has relieved the symptom of feeling nausea's but i still have everything else going on.

When i was tested for celiac i was already on a gluten free diet, as the doctor (different local GP 2) i saw to get the test done said i didnt have to include gluten back into my diet i chose not to, i have since asked my doctor in hematology to find out if its worth having a retest but include gluten back into my diet this time?

My thyroid is going to be re-tested but other wise the only thing left re low neutophil count is to have a bone marrow test carried out which neither me or my doctor want to do if we can avoid.

In addition to this i have been told that i have PCOS despite not having any cysts but have blood work to account for it as well as irregular periods. I have been seen by endocrinology about thirst and frequent urination all the bloods came back clear there too.

My local GP 1 is thinking it could be chronic fatigue, or some other sort of IBS bowl problem as this is the only other route we haven't explored yet.

I eat very healthily have plenty of fruit and veg dairy meat I try and exercise regularly if i'm not tired then i will go to the gym for about an hour mix of cardio and light weights, if i'm tired then i will go for a gentle walk but more often than not ill have to have a nap at some point in the day and ill be tucked up in bed by 9:30 most nights.

If anyone has any ideas what else i could try or suggest having looked into it would be greatly appreciated as me and my family are starting to struggle with what we can try.

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Hi Mirsten

I can't offer any comment on your lack of a diagnosis as I am not qualified to do so. Just wanted to let you know that I hope you will soon find someone to shine a light on what is going in with your health and offer you a brighter future. It mus be very worrying for you to have no explanation for the way you feel. Be of luck in your search for answers.


aw thank you so much i hope so too


Hi :) first congratulations on having a great attitude and GP seems like you have a good relationship which is the best place to start.

Reading this, I do wonder if there's an autoimmune response at the bottom of all this - have you considered being referred to a rheumatologist for some bloods and to check your ANA's?

in the short term, recent research for my own severe fatigue had me come across D-ribose, which drs will prescribe for fatigue and I'd definitely ask to try (for that symptom) it's a short chain sugar we normally source from breaking down vitamin B2 to make ATP in the cells. I found an instant improvement :) you can buy it too but a prescription would be cheaper (cheapest and best I've found is 250g for around £17 at myprotein)

Good luck,



this is true ive been very lucky with the doctors that ive been given! back in january/february i had my ANA's done and it came back all fine and dandy along with a heap load of other tests i had all of my vitamins and minerals done too.

the one thing we were wondering is is it worth having the tests all repeated? dont know what the accuracy on them is like?


Hi,there is a condition known as diabetes Insipidus.Did your GP exclude this condition? All your symptoms point towards this disease.It is also due to difficiency of a hormone .I will not go into details ,but please confront your doctor immediately .Please keep us posted.

Good luck to you.


yeah ive been to endocrinology and had diabeties insipidus ruled out, and have been told that it could just be that im drinking and urinating the correct amount where as before i wasnt having enough to drink....who knows!


If hypothyroidism is also ruled out,can you trya few very simple things or have you tried! To start with take some anti helmenthic eg. Albendazole400 mg,available over the counter,one tab daily at bed time for two consecutive days. Secondly Isabgole also available in any Indian store ,twice daily with warm water.Also take vit. D supplement .Continue at least for one month and see the results

With best wishes.


Along with the PCOS, it sounds like you may have reactive hypoglycaemia.

Reduce your fruit intake; fructose causes insulin resistance.

Avoid foods that cause excess insulin such as yoghurt, baked beans, or high-glycaemic foods such as Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, wholemeal bread, jacket potatoes, or rice.

Keep your carbohydrate intake between 10 and 14 portions per day (1 portion = 10g carbohydrate), ideally 3 meals x 4 carb portions. Follow this link

Eat low GI carbs, reducing intake of fructose too which glycosylates haemoglobin seven times as much as glucose. Follow this link

Make up the balance of your meals with natural, additive-free, unprocessed protein (palm-size) and fat foods such as meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, cheese, coconut oil, palm oil (not hydrogenated), olive oil, and butter.


Maybe you have Myasthenia_gravis. A very rare auto-immune disease that very little activity can fatigue your body and all that can help is rest. I have it and having been extremely active working like a dog and now I lay around like... well like an old hound dog. I had a Thymectomy {surgical removal of the Thymus gland behind the heart} which may have helped some. No way to know as I no longer have it to see if I'd be better or worse with it. Be careful though..I was put on Prednisoe and now I have diabetes and osteo-arthritis as a result of side effects. Prednisone will mis-align the tires on your car if on it very long. Many GP's might overlook this as it is rare and very much unknown and unexplored.


To me your symptoms shout under active thyroid and yes please keep reading-I understand you have been told your results are normal. That is not unusual. Sadly a lot of so called experts are now solely relying on lab values and they don't always show the correct picture. Look and post on the thyroid site the same as you have said on here and see what the patients say, in one of them. Also loads of info on the Thyroid UK sites. If you have your results then post them with the readings and I'd you haven't then ask if you can have them. They can't refuse but there is a time limit but you can ask! Your GP sounds as though he's really trying to get to the bottom of it but many think it's fine if you are in range. In the UK our ranges are very wide compared with other countries and you GP may not be aware of this.


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