Day 4 - my body is rejecting exercise!

Morning... after a fab start with healthy eating and swimming, it all went a bit downhill. I swam 44 lengths on Monday and 50 on Tuesday. I think I must have been dehydrated because I was very sick on Tuesday evening plus I had a bad headache. I have not swam since. I think I need to go a bit easier and build up my strength slowly. In my head i am still 20 but clearly my body is disagreeing and I am feeling the years of over eating and under exercising. Has anyone else experienced headaches after exercise?


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  • Hi Dgaidge

    Although I don't regularly get headaches after exercise, I do know that, during exercise, and given that swimming is a more strenuous exercise too, all sorts of physiological changes take place with blood vessels and things which may cause some people to have headaches. I am sure someone cleverer than me can explain it all to us.

    I also agree that if you don't have enough water before, during (maybe not when you are swimming) and after exercise and you do become dehydrated, then that can be another factor - although I think a dehydration headache would have occurred fairly quickly - I can't remember whether you swam morning or afternoon.

    Having said all that, could you please book an appointment with your GP and discuss this with them. On rare occasions, headaches after exercise can be a clue to other things happening in your body that need treatment - far better to have reassurance about these things.

  • hi MissisB ! Thanks for your reply. I had a migraine a while ago after a 20 min cycle (!) and I saw my doc then and they looked in my eyes etc to see if there was not anything more worrying and it was fine then. I know I am bad with my drinking and I started with too much swimming I think.

  • So pleased you have already been checked by your GP.

    I am hoping someone can come along with some technical help for you. It may be intensity that is causing it - so going a little steadier might help. Also as you are working on losing weight too, there could be some tweaks you need as to what you eat beforehand.

    Just so long as you don't give up on the exercise.

  • Dehydration can cause lots of issues, and can make you feel weak and wobbly, it's important to drink before you exercise. It could also be blood sugar/insulin imbalance. Both suggest taking it a little easier, listen to your body, resting in between exercise is important too, so maybe swim every other day? 😊 That was quite a distance you swam! You don't mention what you ate prior to exercise but slow release carbs a couple of hours before exercise are important if you're swimming in the evening 😊

    But I'm no expert, snd glad you've been checked out, but you do right to just take it slowly 😊 Good luck 😊

  • Anna61 That's very interested. I am a complete sugar addict, could that be linked?

  • Absolutely ! Sugar is evil hehe, don't worry I'm not that bad really πŸ˜€ But if you're getting dehydrated, that can and will cause headaches because you literally don't have enough fluid/water around your brain. Sugar is the enemy though, refined sugar that is, avoid normal white sugar at all costs because you get a sugar rush and then you crash.

    Somebody above already mentioned slow release carbs which will give you energy slowly lol and for a longer time. I don't know what foods you like but something quick and easy would be porridge or pretty much any whole (not multi) grain cereal would work and if you can manage a banana that would set you up for a good session lol

    Caffeine is another big headache causer and fake energy giver hehe

    A piece of fruit first thing will help your digestive system get a good start.

    Did you know when we wake up our bodies release a chemical that is specifically to help combat the tiredness and most of us have a coffee or something so that makes you feel more awake but your actually not and so when that wears off you crash. If you can not have any caffeine for at least half an hour in the morning and after about 5pm that could help a lot too πŸ˜€

    I'm just starting to get my health and fitness back, I've got a long way to go lol but I always decide I'm going to and do what you've done and just go full throttle lol wrong wrong wrong lol feel great after a big session, really surprised how much I can do agony and completely stiff for days lol. I did that last week, got one of those wonder core 2 things, haven't had it out again lol so today I'm timing myself for 15mins stretching/warm up then 15 mins exercise and then 5mins stretch. If I don't I'll overdo it again lol I'm going to do that every other day for 2 weeks then everyday and then start increasing it because I need it to become part of my life not my main focus, I think that's where I've gone wrong in the past πŸ˜€

    Anyway sorry for the essay lol but well done to you for starting this journey and I wish you every success πŸ˜€

  • hi Etak1 , thanks so much for the reply. I agree I need to build my fitness up... I will start following you to see how you are getting on! Thanks again

  • Hehe I'm thinking tortoise hare πŸ˜€ Slow n steady dear hehehe

  • Absolutely agree 😊I'm recovering from hysterectomy and finding it very hard to ease back into exercise . . . Sigh πŸ˜• But it is SO important 😊 Good luck to us all!

  • Have you considered yoga ? I always assumed it was for skinny women of a certain age who tied themselves up in knots - how wrong was I ! Now I cycle to my class twice a week and I'm not the largest person in the group and It's good for you mind body and soul πŸ™

  • Are you leaving enough time to recover and adapt? Circadian rhythm demands a minimum of 24.2 hours after finishing an exercise session demanding enough to illicit a fitness response, before starting another.

  • I have never heard of it, I will look it up! Thanks

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