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How do I heal


How do I heal from what made me this way?? I need more opinions I’ve ran out of options

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What have you tried so far? Its a delicate space to be in before you choose how to go forward. Trying things that don't work out is very disheartening. I think whatever you choose, whats most important is the quality and personality of the people helping, not necessarily the modality

you have to find what works for you. Talk therapy or 1 on 1 works for some people, exercising, writing in a journal pulling weeds in the backyard to deal with the anger there’s all sorts of ways that you could heal it takes time but It can be done I hope that you can find the way that helps you

Thank you, the two of you.

I don’t know what to do with myself, I’m looking for people to talk to and I’m not sure if I should be.


I think it's a great idea to connect with others, TheBooG.

Sometimes being ill means there isn't enough energy for being around people and then isolating can make things worse.

You already made a step by having an intention of healing. Sometimes we don't know how we can heal but just believing in it and that it is possible can give you enough hope, strength and light to do seemingly small steps that can lead to recovery.

Like agara33 said above, depending on what you tried, you might have a better idea of what is a good direction and what isn't.

With hope and light,


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