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How can I be so tired and yet so awake

I got 4 hours of sleep last night ... im running on empty and yet im still going. I am so far from finding out the answer to this that I just don't care. I went to sleep the night before at 4:30 am then woke up at 8:30 am and now it's 12:22 am. I know this can't be normal... I am thinking of going to a neurologist and to get a scan of my brain. I'm at the end of my rope here with no options and trying to stay positive. Has anyone done magnetic therapy? You guys have really helped with your comments to make me feel less alone and I really appreciate that. I can't think anymore so I have to stop but I wanted to post to keep track of this. I want to be better and I know not sharing won't get me there.

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If you get a brain scan done, let me know what they find out, please? I find it very difficult to fall asleep at night, and depending on what my hubby or pets are up to during the day depends on how much sleep I get then. For me, I learned not to sleep at night because of the nightmares that plagued me for so long. If I went to sleep after dark, the nightmares came. Seldom have I had day-mares. :) I do run on exhaustion a lot, too. I think it's just par for the course with this.

I also know from raising kids that it's very possible to get over-tired. When you spend days not resting or sleeping enough, your mind and body can say "sleep?? what's that???" and refuse to shut down. Then hyper-activity sets in.

You might try hypnosis. There can be a post-hypnotic suggestion given that is very easy to tap into to relax so you can sleep. When I was undergoing hypnosis, all I had to do was rub part of my hand and I immediately started relaxing. I can't even remember now if it was my thumb, between my fingers, or my palm, but I do know it worked. I need a refresher on it - it's been years since my last hypnosis, and I'm sure that guy is dead. He was old back then. Be careful to find a reputable hypnotist. There are some nuts out there, of course, just as there are in any profession. :)

Magnetic therapy... I have a magnetite bracelet I wear for carpal tunnel or arthritis, but I don't think that's what you mean. Sorry, can't help you there.

Hope you can get some rest tonight! I'm up for the long haul, I think. It's after 1, and I'm wide awake. And, my Cpap isn't dry from the late cleaning it got, so that won't help me sleep. I slept very poorly without it last night. Tonight will be the couch with the tv and my kitty. :)

Rest well!


I can relate quite a bit with what you're dealing with, I can't sleep either I sleep about 3 - 4 hours per night depending on bad dreams or how I feel.

Today I woke up at 6:30 AM and then I was wide awake, and after only sleeping for 3 hours, not funny for sure!! I haven't slept properly for the last decade, and I find it so exhausting to deal with this day in and day out. I can also stay up late without any kind of problems, I often feel like there is something wrong with me or my brain for that matter, dealing with this sleeping pattern along with all the other side issues.

Never done any magnetic therapy, just regular therapy.



I know for me when I was going through a traumatic period I barely slept n functioned on one hr sleep per night with full time work. I was too traumatised to sleep n all my mind wanted to do was work things out. Every time I came close to sleeping I would jolt myself awake again. Truth was I was petrified of sleeping because I didn't know what I might find in my dream states due to nightmares. So for me was part of avoidance with PTSD. It was so horrible n such a hard time. Truth was until I felt safe enough in my own home n mind I could not fall asleep. It was horrible. Had to learn not to be afraid anymore and most of all to relax whatever that was. Through a lot of self therapy I finally got there. I managed to reduce my stress n hyper vigilance and learned to relax a little more so I could feel safe again.

Is there something that's triggered the lack of sleep? Are you avoiding sleep due to nightmares or stress? Are u in a crisis at moment? What thoughts are keeping u up at night? Maybe if u resolve those thoughts and issues u may sleep better like I did? Do you feel safe, secure, relaxed enough to go to sleep whether its physically, mentally or emotionally? All these can be factors that affect sleep quality.

Hope u find some peace and sleep tonight. Hope you find answer to your questions. Best of luck with it all

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I wish I could tell you how unique you are in this but I have been living and suffering from this for months upon months. Complex PTSD is my thing and there are so many symptoms...weird ass sleep patterns is one we share. I have found the more I stress about how much it sucks, the more I focus on not sleeping like I should be or used to, the more I have to listen to people that are on the attack to accuse me of doing things that keep me up all night and explain to the point of tears that I am not, the longer and stronger it continues. Eventually things will settle but try not to think about it..I have adjusted my life around this and I know from other people that it does stop and sleep resumes as before but timing is the big unknown. I have been like this for almost 3 months and patience is not my thing. Eat right, less sugar, less refined foods....and breathe.

Wishing you well..



When the mind is racing or hyper-aware, the body can't relax enough to sleep. I wake up 6 times a night.

I will tell you though, that I believe there is always another option. We just have to keep looking. I realized this many years ago when I was having a mental breakdown. That little fact has kept me going my entire life.


I really have no control over this and I think that is what drives me to keep trying. I know I can't control everything but I would just like to know that I am doing everything I can do. eh or maybe thats the problem? lol idk


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