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It's been a while, i am back & feeling very lonely, have been for a long time now. My PTSD is really doing a good job on me. I don't even know where to start, my mind has just gone blank on me. Soz.

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Nickels7991 We are glad you are here. I know PTSD really is difficult and a process that comes and goes. I hope you can write in a journal. Go for a walk, go on that google map pick a place and go for a walk. Call a friend to talk to go to a gathering of some kind, just glad you are here and want the best for you, take care


Hi Nickels well done getting in touch. Take one day at a time or an hour at a time depends on how you feel. Yes Mr PTSD is a horror he lurks when you are feeling good and when he sees an opportunity Bang!! He’s back!! 😟. We are here anytime please keep in touch 😊🌻🐾🐾xxx


Ty, i have been struggling with this on my own, for far too long now.I can't do it by myself anymore. 😪

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We all know what your going through so talk away on here and it will help. Have you been back to therapy that might help. I was always nervous about talking on here I didn’t want people to judge me as they did on another forum. I left them and found this one by chance and I’m glad I did. Everyone has been amazing to help me on my journey and if I can give a little of that back to you I would be so pleased. Tell us how you are feeling and we will support you. Have you read the new pinned posts about your breathing and grounding? 🌻🐾🐾😊xxx


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