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Unwanted Thought after have the traumatic events

It's been 4 months that I have been suffering from unwanted thoughts. 4 months ago I met a lot of creepy stories and I spent all my days to think about this and I got a panic attack and it also cause me worry a lot myself. I often cry because i can't solve this problems and nowadays , I always think inappropriate words and imagine in bad ways too. Do you think the traumatic events lead me like this ?

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are you taking any anti depressants? some antidepressants can make you feel like this...if you are then maybe you should talk to your GP about taking a different one....read the instructions in medication box to see side effects...some cause repetitive thoughts and mania


No , I never take it and also not yet to go to doctor .


HI there.

I do get very high anxiety about issues that I can not resolve or solve and this stresses me out. I do believe that I am trying to fix these issues because of my PTSD.

Maybe doing some CBT [cognitive behavioural therapy] would be helpful for you? Just a suggestion as it is always recommended for dealing with thought processes.

Best wishes.

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Did it work for you using CBT ??


It's really hard to know what is the cause. It can be something else.

I feel for you but I think that the best way for you to get some peace of mind is to go to a doctor and talk about your symptoms to get a diagnosis. It's impossible for us here on an online forum to diagnose you. The only way of knowing is taking the action and talking to your doctor.

I understand you are scared but it is much worse to live in fear not knowing where the symptoms come from, a doctor can tell you with certain degree of certainty and you won't need to worry unnecessarily.


Thank you .


I am so sorry you are going through this. I've spiraled a lot before because of things that are overwhelming and lead to anxiety and panic attacks. If you could find a doctor that understands this problem that would be great. Also if you could find a therapist that could help you with this perhaps you would be able to be guided to the core of the problem and help you start your road toward healing. Writing in a journal, walking, going outside can be helpful to distract yourself. I hope you find what you need. Keep searching for the right therapist/doctor keep asking for what you need. Take care.


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