Elsa, my constant companion

Elsa, my constant companion

This is Elsa. She is my follows me around like a dog. She has been rolling around in the pollen on my deck so she is not as beautiful as normal. She has been a good friend to me. Since my divorce, I have not wanted to be around people much but Elsa is not a person. I can push her away and she does not take it personally. She just returns a few seconds later to rub her head on me face or push her head under my hand to be petted. She sleeps at night with me and even naps with me when I take my daily 2 hour naps. She has not idea how comforting her loud purr makes me when she curls up in my lap. I have a tall backed lounge chair in front of my TV set. Her favorite place is on the top of that chair that looks over the living room. When I sit in that chair, she positions herself with two legs on one side of my head on two on the other. I look as though I am wearing a black furry hat. I guess my head is warm. Right now I need her as much as she needs me. It is kind of sad but not really. ;)

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  • She is cute!

    I love cats. I had two, one was a present and the other one I found on the street, a dirty hungry and cold kitten. Grabbed him from under the car, brought home, gave a bath and food. I could never be alone, while reading a book my cat would sit on top of the book. Followed me everywhere I went.

    Animals are great friends.

  • Pretty cat

  • My cat is my best friend.

  • Beautiful cat!

  • She is lovely. I don't think it's sad at all. We can learn a thing or two from animals. They have no agenda. We have two dogs, 4 cats, seven kittens and 20 fish. I have to get out of bed to care for them. As soon as I sit down my old cat sits on my knee. I love walking the dogs. :)

  • How adorable!! Elsa you are just beautiful!!!

    I know exactly how pets, cats can be. It is my believe, through our pets is the only way we can experience unconditional love---we may want it for the people in our lives, but it is an all time thing with our pets.

    My group is--three cats, one (Spencer) is sleeping/dreaming right now with his head on my slowly healing, fractured leg; Matt-Mew (my old guy with severe kidney disease) is sitting at my right hip, cleaning himself and finally Frankie is sitting in the kitchen and meows every so often (he wants a T-R-E-A-T, can't say the word.....it causes overt excitement--I will get them all some as soon as I finish typing here). The only kid missing from the household is my cat Frankie's dog---she was a sick, scared 4 lb Chihuahua that need to spend a night in safe place. Frankie claimed her as his, and she stayed (I always thought of myself as a big dog person, but not Frankie). Anyway, while dealing with my broken leg, a friend has Smidge at her house--considered camp as she has 13 dogs of all sizes. She will be coming home next week!!

    It is great, how much they add to our lives by just being themselves!!

    Thank you for sharing her!! :-)

  • She so cute :)

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