final written warning

Just opened my letter from the sickness absence panel. My managers applied to given me a final written warning and basically fire me. The panel would not approve this and said my employers had to have me assessed and see if I was entitled to retirement through ill health. This is what I have been asking for for so long. I still may not get it but at least panel listened to my union rep. Kind of made my day. The battle continues. :)

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  • Pleased for you Margot, as you say the battle continues but at least the panel are willing to reconsider and have you assessed. Cross fingers for you.

  • Thank you Harry

  • I hope that this life line helps you to feel a little stronger. If it was me it would. Obviously it means more stress to come, but it will have drawn attention to your managers lack of compassion and means that they believed you, through your union rep.

    Really pleased for you

  • Bless you G, more assessments coming up. Feel like a specimen in a petri dish every one studying me - If I did win this it would be awesome. If I don't at least I caused some trouble instead of taking it lying down.

  • Good that you can still fight and get better conditions for your retirement. It sounds all very stressful and you are doing well in dealing with this. I know how important it is...keep fighting...

  • I am so glad that you had your opportunity to state your side of the story. It is inspiring to hear your fight. I am behind you. Please let us know how it turns out.

  • This seems to be a part of the reoccurring nightmare of PTSD... Being put in a position of waiting for controlling people to do right by us!

    And they always seem to leave us in a weakend space with no control of our own lives, usually we are left freaking out because the good position we want is their last wish!

    And the worst position is their favorite!

  • That is so true Palomineo. What possible pleasure can they derive from this. Determined to keep going though. Down but not yet out.

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