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I am loathe to post 'feel better' posts because they never speak to my state. That said, if anyone is wanting to visit a new anxiety resource site - created by a psychiatric nurse and a wellbeing therapist in the UK, then check this out. Using the best ideas for not only reducing anxiety but creating resourceful states (so far, that I know) and putting them in simple language. It's a weekly thing (you don't have to give your email).

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  • Thanks for sharing this resource, sophelia.

  • I hope you find it useful :)

  • Thank you for sharing helpful resource, sophelia. Good tips are always welcome...

  • Please bear in mind this is a commercial site looking to sell therapy

  • I am referring to the free and email free weekly course. No obligations to buy at all. I would not have shared it otherwise.

  • Certainly no obligation, but this is a commercial site looking to sell therapy

  • Sharing helpful resources is important. We share books and other resources for healing. As long as it is not self promotional (spam), it is okay.

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