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Heal My PTSD
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triggered or anxiety or depression?

Hi everyone,

Can you tell me your experiences?

How do you know if you have been triggered or if it is a case of depression? I mean, I have been on major depression meds all my life (since age 16). I also have pts symptoms ( nothing as bad as I used to- therapists would call it full blown PTSD.)... my pts symptoms are anxiety (obsessing over work, schedules, life etc.), intense irritability and anger, inability to concentrate, restlessness. But these may be linked with depression too.

Anyway, what is your experience and does it even matter? probably my mental illnesses are intersecting.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?


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I think a lot of what you're describing is what I experience with PTSD. I too have dealt with clinical depression most of my life, although it went for years without diagnosis. I know that the meds I'm on handle the depression, and much of the anxiety, although there are things that trigger me easily still. Thankfully, because of the anxiety meds I live on, I don't have the irritability or anger unless I am out of control with the PTSD. When the triggers seriously fire, I respond one of two ways - fight or flight. The anger and self-preservation comes out with the fight reflex, so I usually flee - right to the safety of my home and usually to the soothing, healing sleep I need. When I wake up, I'm usually able to start over again, but that doesn't mean that I'll put myself back in the position that caused the intense trigger. I'm learning my limits, and that it's o.k. to avoid those things that cause repeated anxiety and stress and fear.

Just a hint - you will probably get more responses if you lock down your post. When you are ready to submit your post, make sure it only goes to the community, not everyone. That locks it and keeps us safe from those who would harm or manipulate us.

Hang in there! You're not alone!

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Thank you Anya that is very helpful. It is difficult and sometimes seems to bite me out of the blue. Then takes me some time to recover. Life is very hard.

And thank you for the tip about locking the posts I will do that from now on. its good to hear your experience and know i am not alone.


You're very welcome - glad I could help a little. The nice thing about this forum is that we're never alone - there's always someone, and usually more than one - who completely understands what we're dealing with.

(((hugs))) <3


If I am triggered I go very quickly to the dissocited place. People seem far away to me its like I'm looking through a smokey room. The chatter of people runs together. I walk around as if I'm dazed. I feel panic rising inside of me and I start scanning for danger. Sometimes I loose time and find myself somewhere and I don't know how I got there. I have also forgotten who I am (dissociative fugue). I may find that in this state I have used self harm.

I can loose days where I don't know what's been happening. This is because I have DID, and other parts have been out.

Depression for me starts with me not able to get out if bed. I feel suicidal and have to fight doing anything about it. I forget to eat because I don't feel like food. I try to reach out from this place by text as I can't talk at the depths of depression. I can when it starts to lift.

That's my experience of the two things you have asked about.

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I used to have these types of responses to triggers after the trauma first happened. Now it seems muted, as if it is trapped deeply inside of me so that I feel panic, restless energy with no place to go. It gets stuck and I sit in a depressed state until I can find my way out. Seems like it is different each time how to 'get out'. Thank you for telling me your experience. It is helpful to know the differences between the two states for me as they seem blurred together.


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