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sleeping during the day

hi guys i know i have posted this before but it has steadily made my life debilitatingly impossible to function i live in the south and we get these winds that are hot and contain ions that really string people out and make them tired and irritable well i thought it was the weather making me sleep its not though i am sleeping around two or three hours a day and when i wake up i feel absolutely shattered and drained as if every ounce of life has been sucked out of me and then i want to eat .........im hoping its some kind of phase that will blow over but it really really sux im finding ive no energy to talk to people except my husband im just managing to try and stay on top of the housework ive got a part time job cleaning for five hours a week if it doesnt go away im going to my gp this isnt normal for me at all what worries me is the absolute shattered exhausted feeling i have all the time and ive got ulcers in my mouth that tells me im run down so im going to take it very gently and quietly see what happens i guess feel like i could sleep forvever its very very hard to wake up and the thing is i dont feel sleepy i just feel by body has run out of energy so i lie down for a rest then im out cold for 2 to 3 hours......

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You've just described my life! I don't have the energy very often to do housework, and my brain just doesn't function well. I'm just so exhausted! Like you say, it's not like "I'm tired", but worn out to the point that all I want to do is lay down and watch tv. I don't even get through one program before I'm asleep.... hours later, I wake up, not feeling much better.

I think we just have so much to deal with, it is exhausting. Isn't PTSD fun? NOT!


Hi anyac, might also pay for you to get checked out at the docs see my reply below.


Thank you, Lindyloo.. I do have an appt with my doctor in a couple of weeks, so I'll talk to him about it. The thing is, there are days I'm great, and there are other days/weeks/months when I'm not. It seems strange to me that it can come and go like that. I spent a month or more working on projects for our new Santa House, and wasn't too bad at getting stuff done for that. I pushed myself to meet deadlines with it. Now, while I'm waiting for the next series of projects for the House, I'm absolutely wiped out. Strange.... And I can't sleep at night, so it makes for a very sleepy quiet day.


I'm kind of in the same place. My PTSD is REALLY Scaring me. My Friends want me to spend 90 days in a program at one of my local hospitals. The idea is to figure out what is going on with my medications, PTSD, & My neurological problems. But I'm scared, & chronically tired. I don't sleep at night at all. I'm a nightowl.


Oh funky gypsy, do go to the doc. It sounds just a tad like I was when I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. I just would start the day most of the time then by about ten I would feel like someone pulled the plug and every bit of energy I had quickly drained away. I ended up bedridden with it before being hospitalised where heaps of tests took place and finally a diagnosis was made. By the time I hit the hospital system I was in a wheelchair which I couldn't roll myself and I couldn't even lift a spoon to my mouth to eat. I had nothing left in me nothing at all. That's why I'm encouraging you to see the doc, it might be anything. But I'd hate for someone to get to where I was and I got there because I neglected going to the doc early on. I'm no longer in the wheelchair having fought my way out of it and I build rest time into my day without guilt because I know where I got to and I never want to revisit that place. For now don't feel guilty about needing to rest either. Also the housework will not run away if you don't do it this week. I seem to remember I also felt extremely cold as well. You are important and taking care of the physical health while fighting this PTSD battle is so important.


Lindyloo53 - Like you, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and years ago bedridden. Sometimes I find myself wanting to sleep when experiencing "sensory overload" which simply means that I am attempting to process too many things at once. I am no longer bedridden but am often frustrated when my energy reserve runs out doing simply things.


Getting checked out is the best choice - sorry that you are going through something so bewildering. I know the "out cold" feeling, you are describing me before I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome years ago, My naps at that time would be longer and I would not wake up refreshed either. Hope you are able to get some insight from your doctor.


That's totally normal for PTSD. I experienced that too. In fact, I went through a phase when I just collapsed and napped every couple of hours. At first it was very disconcerting, but then I sort of grew to like it. Since I only slept a couple of hours at night I came to see the naps as a way for my body and mind to get some much needed rest.

Later, I discovered that there are many valid reasons why we're so tired. Take a look here for answers:



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