Would you go to work tomorrow

I have been out sick off and on for 5 weeks. Virus, infection, caring for mom when she got sick. Today went to dentist while on a sick day for the ongoing asthma bronchitis relapse and wound up having two abcess molars extracted. First time in my life. Still doing the gauze changes every hour and applying ice. And, of course, mom is driving me crazy but wanting to help. Will my boss believe me? Is this crazy? Do people stay home for these kinds of things? Never had it before.

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  • If you can stay home a little longer, then you should. You're getting over an illness, and now the teeth. If ya need the time to heal some more, and you can, then take it. Feel better soon! :-)

  • Do you think staying home for two molar extractions is grounds to fire an employee, or have most people been through this and understand? It's all new to me.

  • Make sure you talk to your boss... Tell him whats happening and that your planning on coming in when the bleeding stops! Expecting to come tomorrow or the next day?

    Most of the time thats what is expected!

  • Am still up with the gauze in my mouth. Bleeding less bit not over yet. I think 12 hours was about 4 hours ago

  • Bleeding has not stopped yet, but it's less.

  • I can't say what ur employer would do. Only you really know, but I wouldnt fire someone for that. Who wants to be at work in the bathroom and uncomfortable all day. Let ur job know what it is, and take time to heal. (If you can).

  • FYI - they do not give me insurance. I don't have health insurance because can't afford it it right now but do have my own dental insurance. My employer knows at least as of a couple of months ago I was uninsured. If I have any complications can't go to hospital, etc. I think safer for us all if I stay home. What do you think?

  • Give yourself a least another day to feel better. Or mabye you'll be up to it when its time to go. Sleep on it. :-)

  • If you remember, let us know what you decided to do.

  • Did not make it in.

  • Just remembered what my dentist told me if the bleeding continued to come back as I may have dislodged the clot! I would phone dentist and tell him it's still bleeding x

  • Ok

  • hi IChoose, first let me say, you are doing amazing. You are handling so so much. Illness, work, your mom, wow.

    I think the molar extractions is an extremely legitimate reason to stay home. I hope you made the choice that fit for you.. If your boss is understanding at all, I think he or she should totally understand and not be upset. yeah, I would explain what you did here...but you already probably are past this...

    I hope you are feeling better. Wow, handling the emotions that go with all this is amazing.

    I see progress, I know you have not been on here for a bit. Great job! I hope you feel better too soon

  • Yes, I stayed home. Not sure what to expect on Monday

    You can offer a prayer if you want.

    Teeth are better but have been at them with gauze and ice all night, no sleep, lots of anxiety.

  • Aww Hun that's not good sorry I was forgetting the time difference between us I thought you meant tomorrow Friday it's Thursday with us. I would leave it until Monday to go back just ignore my other comments except the one for doing the mouth washes these are important to keep infection away. Sorry this has caused you anxiety 😟 I had been off prior to my extraction with an infected abscess the side of my face was like a football 😱 Had antibiotics then had to wait two weeks to get it out 😢 Try not to worry about your boss I know that's easy to say as I'm the same 😊Xxx

  • Thank you

  • Hope you can get some rest and feel better. I send well wishes:-) Sorry about all the anxiety. :(. Went through it all day and nite yesterday. Great today :-) Be well

  • I did say a prayer, IChoose....you are doing very well. I hope you are feeling better today

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