Heal My PTSD

Helpful tips to deal with the aftermath of nightmares/flashbacks and start your day right

Here's a few tips that have really helped me to get over the terror/nightmare hangovers and get my mind right to get through my day ok. This is what I do in the morning (Obviously not all of them at the same time, you can pick and choose). Takes a few hours or so but once you get going it makes a difference.

1) My therapist said when I have unresolved nightmares and wake up in a panic, to WRITE ALTERNATIVE DREAM ENDINGS in my journal. For example, last night I dreamt two lions escaped from the zoo and everyone was flocking to my house to escape and there were no locks on the door and I felt completely swarmed.

I wrote in my journal that the lions came into the house and I tamed them, they became my pets and protectors and everyone returned to their own homes because there was no longer a threat.

2) After writing my bad thoughts in one journal, I light a candle and switch to my "gratefulness journal". Which is pretty and I write in nice handwriting. I WRITE MY HEALING INTENTION FOR THE DAY. This could be, "Be gentle with myself." or "Take some time out in nature." Then I write a list of all the things I am grateful for.

3) Go on youtube and look for INSPIRATIONAL VIDEOS. Sometimes I do yoga in my living room. Yoga with Adriene is great in youtube. Sometimes I listen to TED talks about how to change your life and find your life purpose. Some times I like to listen to Eckart Tolle about being in the now.

4)EXERCISE. Go to the gym and get my blood flowing. Listening to positive affirmations while I'm at the gym in my headphones (because I'm stuck on the treadmill, I can't escape all the positivity coming into my ears!)

5) Pretend that today I am a new person and I am rediscovering myself. Play the game, IF I HAD ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD I DO? Look up fun courses, dance classes, ridiculously indulgent events like cabaret and aerial silks. Imagine myself doing these things. Now, I'm one step closer to actually doing them!

6)Make a VERY SHORT TO DO LIST. Only three things. Like, get milk, go to the gym, clean the fridge. As I tick these tasks off, I feel a small sense of accomplishment and it is good for my self esteem.

7)Think of ALL THE THINGS I AM GOOD AT and write a list and congratulate myself in advance for all the great things I am going to accomplish.

8) Plan a NUTRITIOUS AND YUMMY MEAL and start making it early so when it comes to supper time it's already made and there is no panic.

9) Do a face mask, paint my nails, have a "HOME SPA DAY".

10) GET SPIRITUAL. Look up inspirational tarot cards, angel quotes, bible quotes, whatever floats your boat. Open up your mind to the possibility that you are exactly where you are meant to be and you are being watched over and loved and taken care of.

And last but not least, give myself the love that I didn't receive from my caregivers. Buy that new pair of shoes. Splurge a little bit. Buy myself that chocolate bar. YOU DESERVE IT!!!

Lots of love and light, hope any of this can help you with suffering with feelings of worthlessness and despair in the wake of nightmares and PTSD. xoxoxoxoxoxo have a good day and take gentle care.

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Hi littletraveller. Thanks so much for sharing this. Really great stuff. The bit in number 1 about writing alternative dream endings is a really good idea. I'm going to try that too.

You have given some very inspirational ideas.

To do lists are great, just ticking something off a list makes you feel better :-)

Thanks so much for sharing this. I'm definitely going to try some of these techniquess :-)


This is so helpful, littletraveller. Thank you for passing all these suggestions on! I like Eckart Tolle, too, for keeping me in the present, because the past and the future tend to have a lot of emotional baggage for me. I really like the idea of rewriting the bad dreams, too.


Hi thanks for sharing.

It's very interesting.

I do change the end of a bad dream if I can.

Thanks, take care.


Great list of encouraging tips!!!


Thanks guys! :)


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