Ever Feel Like You Are Trapped

Just realized that the hardest part of being a PTSD supporter besides seeing a loved one hurt is that no one understands our pain. The best way to explain how I feel " I am explain whats going on, while stuck in a sound proof glass box. I am screaming as loud as I can and banging on the glass praying someone will hear and listen to me. I keep on banging and screaming and feels like I am constantly being ignored"

It sucks being a suppourter when you feel the world is against you and all you want to do is hold your loved one and make them feel special

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  • It reminds me of a book...Sylvia Plath "The Bell Jar". Have been on both sides of this situation.

  • I characterize it like there being a wall between me and everyone else. People think they can see me, but have no idea. I completely understand!

  • It's one of the things that leaves me beyond weary sometimes. I have a friend with brain cancer and it's a common topic. Feels like we got flung into a different world or something. With SO MANY people having PTSD these days, and the numbers continue to rise, maybe those that don't understand will change their tune when it's their tune to get on this bizarre merry-go-round. Are we becoming a country of PTSD survivors? Just thinkin out loud ;)

  • Your loved one is very lucky to have you Statsattack.

    It saddens me to hear by trying to support them, you are also actually experiencing one of the prime symptoms of PTSD itself.

    I've felt I've been on the other side of a glass wall my whole life; looking through and seeing the rest of the world on the other side but never really being "in" it or of it. I always felt "other" and outside looking in...not seen, heard or understood. It's horrifying really. It basically is the proverbial nightmare of screaming and no sound coming out like you described it.

    Thank you for being such a sensitive and caring support to your loved one. I hope you can take comfort in the support of this forum and take kind care of yourself as well.

  • These forums have helped me realize I am not crazy or going insane. It also taught me that asking for help is a sign of strength.

    I know I am being a good friend. But because she hasn't told any of her friends about her being raped or her PTSD I have come off like the worlds worst person to a bunch of dum and naive people.

  • I agree, asking for help is a sign of strength. And you are experiencing normal human emotions under the circumstances.

  • Just sucks that going through hell and feels like world is against me

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