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I feel trapped at work. I don't feel like I can connect with anyone here and it is a dysfunctional work place that at times triggers me. I don't think my boss likes or respects me. I try hard and do my best but that does not matter to him. I think it's more personality. I am a pleaser and sometimes don't portray a lot of confidence. He likes very strong type A personalities.

I am a highly sensitive person thato gets very affected by others around me.

I did getting another job for a while but that did not feel any better for me. It was actually a terrible experience.

I am going through a break up with my husband of 23 years right now so I have. A lot going on that creates lots of anxiety. I don't know what to do. I am seeing a therapist that helps some but I only get to see her twice a month.

Does anyone have advice?

Thank you.

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A marriage breakup in itself is huge. Be gentle with yourself. I'm not sure where you are but would you qualify for income support I think it's called disability in the states.

Perhaps a break from the workforce for a while would help?

Also is there a divorce/separation support group where you are?

I'm also part of a support group for abuse survivors, is there one of those where you are?

I've just started doing mosaics and am looking at other hobbies as I'm having a break from work while I work my traumas through. I may never go back to work and I'm ok with that. So are there any hobbies you like doing? Explore something you've always wanted to learn. Take a night class in something?


Thank you for your response. I will look into what it would take to take a mental health brwak. I am in the edge of what I can take. It's too much. I cannot concentrate on what makes me happy. The hobbies I used to enjoy are just too much energy. Too sad and anxious right now. I will work on this with my therapist.

Thank you.


I was just telling my counselor how I sometimes feel like there's a never-ending avalanche falling on me. The stressors and obstacles can just feel endless!

I'm finding also that the pressure to "fix" myself and get better can feel like an added stress. Slowing down and simplifying can be difficult but may contribute significantly to feeling better.

Just something to think about.

You're trying your absolute best and that's all anyone can ask. Hang in there and don't forget to breathe.

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There are some EMDR videos on utube about anxiety...stress...that helps...calming bilateral as well...if it is bad at work you can try talking to the HR person as well.

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I'm sorry to read about your difficulties and was in a similar position some years back and am a HSP, I realized later the huge struggle I faced each day trying to survive in a dysfunctional environment, in a totally unsuitable job, working against my traits, and was certainly the wrong place to be in for my health and sanity, where my conscientiousness, and capabilities were undermined. I felt trapped too and the whole situation worsened and made me ill. (Though I'm not saying this would happen to you, it is my experience). Can I suggest you take leave, time out is key and then rest and really think about looking in other directions, perhaps for another job which may be more suitable, perhaps study part time? there is a book which is helpful, thriving in the workplace for HSPs which may help. Your health and well-being is a priority right now and reflect on this. You know deep down what is in your best interests.

All the best, Alice


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