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Meet new people that are like me!


Does anyone here suffer from bad anxiety and PTSD ? I do and I am slowly overcoming the negative side of it. I think I will with time and was looking to find similar people to me that could share their experiences and get on with.

sometimes it seems as if it’s just you out there going through it but surely there are others like me that just want to talk and work their way through things if so leave a comment or message me 💥☃️

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Hi.I have ptsd ,anxiety and depression.I don't know if I am getting over it.But I keep thinking it would be nice to meet someone in my area struggling with the same thing

Yes it would be so nice to meet people that’s dealing with the same things we all are dealing with sometimes small groups can help even talking to other people will also help I’m learning to talk not so much about the situation but about life

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It happens to the best of us I think, it’s about how you deal with it that really makes you stronger and getting used to certain triggers. most of all it’s about making sure you know what your capable of so you can make room, push forward and strive for success 🌅

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Yes I agree with you 100%


I am here some days so can talk anytime!😁


I hope you are still in the community as we have many people who are in a similar situation.

Thank you for joining...

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