The Place in My Dreams

There were two places

I'd visit most often.

One dark,

One light.

& I remembered

We'd be near the water.

Your light

So blinding

I could barely see.

But I knew

it was You who was with me.

I never wanted to wake up again.

So many times,

I've closed my eyes


When you'd come back.

So many times,

I'd close my eyes


If You'd come back.

& Set me free

from this nightmare

Show me the answers that I need.


You showed me a future so Bleak...

How can You change this story?

I Asked My Creator:


Do You want me here?


Did You want me to know these things?


For What purpose ?

Can't You just grant me peace?

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4 Replies

  • Ahh peace, that elusive concept.

  • Truly it is. I take it day by day.

  • Agreed. I do see glimpses of it now and again, but it sure is a skippery fox.

  • Nature. Animals . Children. Surround yourself enough you'll see it more often 😊

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