Chest pain. Help!!!!!!

Since march 1st I've been having chest pain, been dizzy, headaches, muscle spasms, and been tired almost all the time. I been to the er three times. Total they did a ekg, took blood twice, 3 Chest x rays, a head and abdomin ct scan. All came back good. I even seen my dr. She thought i had asthma, so she gave me a inhaler Which didn't work. I'm scared one day im just gonna die. Alot of people say it could be from my anxiety, depression, or ptsd. Does anyone have similar symptoms? Im only 17 this shouldn't be happening. 

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  • I have lots of chest pains, have been through the testing and everything's normal.  My heart feels like it's in a vice often, but it's all because of the anxiety.  I've talked to my doctor about it, too... this is normal, I guess.  I think the more we think about it, the worse it can get because we get more stressed and anxious...  If I think about it, take the time to feel it and realize it's just stress, the quicker it goes away.  It's not pleasant by many means, but it does happen.  

  • Does worrying about it help?  I'm thinking that's what I ask myself when I get distressed about anything, I ask is this helping me?  It's tough when you're experiencing what you are and I have experienced some of the symptoms you are and I was worrying I was going to die and then I thought to myself will worrying about this stop me dying if that's what's going to happen and it wasn't so I decided to use diversion therapy on myself.  I started colouring in and I had to have a very complicated picture to colour in.  Then I realised I couldn't worry and colour in as my full concentration and to be on the lines etc of the picture.  Have you ever looked at practising mindfulness?  There's a lot in the net about it, just google it.  If you have been fully checked out by the medics and they cannot find anything wrong it's possible it is anxiety based.  It's still real but most probably not life threatening.  I always have everything checked out I think that's being responsible so if you get any new symptoms you do need to have them checked out.  Are you on any meds for depression or anything that has side effects such as your experiencing symptoms?  Sometimes meds have unpleasant side effects...that's not to say don't take them but maybe ask the dr that.  Hang in there you're doing all you can to be responsible for your health.  And keep sharing here because we care about you.  I think when we have PTSD we sometimes try to write every symptom off to that when in fact we shoudk really do what you have responsibly been doing.

  • Anxiety will give you strange symptoms..are , you taking vitamins and minerals?

  • no, i havent. should i be?

  • Anxiety, can be decreased with proper nutrition. And watching what you eat, some foods help calm you others stir you up...calcium and magnesium have calming effects....check into it

  • I am not sure this is what is happening for you but I get anxious and I have terrible indigestion that felt to me like a heart attack. It would happen a lot of times at night. Very scary. I went to the doctor who put me on a treadmill, EKG, and other tests. Everything was normal.

    He told me to get some Zantac or some other heart burn medicine and when the symptoms come back take one Zantac. If the chest pain goes away after about 10 minutes, then it was indigestion or heart burn. I did this and it was a real relief to find out it was heart burn.

    I just could not image that heart burn could be so incredibly painful.

  • i've thought about trying that alot, maybe it will help. Nothing else seems to anymore, not aspirin, tyleonel, ibuprofen, none of it.

  • Hi. I don't know if what I will say will help you but I hope it doesn't hurt!

    I've also recently been having a really hard time with chest pains. Dr worked I was ha I g pulmonary embolism

  • Hi. I'll tell you about what's happened to me recently. I can't say it will help you, but who knows...

    I've been having chest pains for a while and nurse friend said I should get ECG. Results came back 'very good' - which didn't help. 

    Because I'd given up on my Dr surgery and was in process of changing to another (I'm in UK, I know a lot of people post here from US) when I went to Dr he said we'll have to wait until your medical notes catch up. Eventually went to see new Dr. He was the most relaxed and attentive I had experienced. Which was why I was so freaked when he suddenly started rushing about saying he was worried about Pulmonary Embolism (which had incidentally killed my mum). He referred me to hospital immediately but despite bloods, chest X-ray etc, they could find nothing and felt I'd strained chest muscles.

    Finally had a massage for first time in almost a year last week. Worst thing were my shoulders. But as soon as left shoulder was done my chest freed up. Then masseuse did my pectorals and commented that Left particularly was v tense. Whether I was 'protecting' my heart or what, everything connects to everything. I'm booked in fortnightly for next 6 weeks. And I'll have to ensure 1 work on posture etc. too. But right now I feel 100% better.

    Since I'm a trained masseur myself (but been busier elsewhere of late) I am amazed at how long it took me to get some treatment, but I know if nothing else a good massage can relieve tension and anxiety. And I also know that for some people the very idea of a stranger handling you can cause some anxiety. But it is possible to find a healthy balance that pays dividends!

    It's a story about me rather than you, but I hope it helps.

    PS  I see my previous post went up. I must have pressed a button - I just thought I'd deleted everything and started again. 

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