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I’m 17 and think I have a heart problem or chest problem

Im 17 and I think I have a heart problem or chest problem because of shortness of breath my heart beats really fast when I exercise and I get chest pains quite a lot is it just anxiety my Mum says I’ve been checked for heart problems when I was little but should I get checked again I’m really scared it’s ruining my life I need help

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It’s literally ruining everything now get yourself tested it’ll ease everything and if you do have something im sure they’ll help you I just don’t know what to say to the doctor to actually test me for a heart problem


What’s an EKG


Maybe I should get that done

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Lewis_15 it's a good idea to get checked our by a doctor. Yet sometimes after exercising my heart would beat really fast. Then PTSD symptoms can make you have chest pains, shortness of breath, hyperventilate. So it's good to go to a doctor and check it out but it might just be PTSD. Take care.


ill get myself checked and really I don’t really know a lot about ptsd


Good Lewis_15 well Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is the stress that you feel after a traumatic event has occurred. So I personally think almost everyone has ptsd because I think most everyone has had a moment in their life that has been traumatic. So it can give you all sorts of reactions, responses and trigger other memories or flashbacks from what has occurred before. So I hope that is a little helpful. Take care. Glad you are here.


Hi Lewis,

As said above, I think the best is that you get checked by your doctor.

There might be other causes, like anxiety/panic, but I think they need to make sure that your heart is fine. It will also ease your mind.

If you are under a lot of stress, pressure or something very difficult is happening in your life, it would be a good idea to mention to your doctor.

In any case, it is important that you reach out and get help/support with whatever is going on.


The best thing to allay health worries is to have them checked out AND to believe the medical professional has the knowledge to know if it is an issue. It's not unusual for people to have health fears, I have had some in my day too, but always had them checked out by a medical professional.


Hello lewis, i have had ptsd for over 20 years now, and have, panic and stress attacks also, at first i thought it was my heart. Got that checked out and my heart is fine. Mine are caused by stress attacks, i get them even when i am not stressed out. In time you will learn to cope with it and find ways to help yourself get through them, first get heart and veins, arteries checked ( you might have a blocked in a vein or arttery ( they discovered i have a dvt in my neck to my elbow and am on meds to reduce that blood clot. Sometimes wjen i did things that increased my blood pressure it would reduce my blood flow and i would feel like i haveing heart problems, that jas helped me just knowing about it. But i do have ptsd and go thru the panic and stress attacks that are not caused by my vein blockedge. But once i found out about the ptsd attacks it helped me mentally deal with my situation better. One hint my dr told me was if my left arm in not going numb or in pain its just another stress attack i hope that helps you a bit


hi Lewis, I think it is great you reached out. And you can have a direction now, can get an EKG, make sure your heart is fine. Then don't have to worry. EKG does not hurt and is not at all uncomfortable, have had one.

Could be panic attacks if you have ptsd, that makes heart beat fast I have heard….

Try not to worry, I am getting things checked out too, just what we have to do I guess like a car. If a light goes on, take it in.

Just try to use the worry energy to take steps of action slowly- get referral to get EKG and then go and then if they say, your heart is fine, you can feel much relief. Go from there.



Just quickly want to add that your symptoms could be from juvenile high blood pressure. I have a relative that had the unfortunate combination of childhood trauma, high blood pressure, and anxiety disorders... she decades later after many many doctors and specialists she still deals with some symptoms and has explored the fact that PTSD is likely a contributor. Some of the best helps she's gotten have been from diet and nutritional protocols she's chosen on her own to implement. You want to be careful because if it goes unattended and even your family takes it lightly then if you go into crisis no one may know what to do to help you. I agree that you are on the right road to start investigating now what it is. Even though you are young you are doing right by taking responsibility for your health!


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