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Guidance/help on level of care

Its now been a year that I've been locked into this insomnia. I don't sleep. Every night is the same...no sleep what so ever...if Im lucky i will have a few hours of shallow un-restorative sleep.

Im currently in an outpatient program and have access to a psychiatrist. I am also having a asleep study and will be placed on a medication called Xyrem. I fear that the medication will not work and that my level of care is not geared toward what i need. Does anyone have any advice on what level of care i should aim for. Maybe a case study at the point. Any feed back is greatly appreciated.

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So sorry to hear you have not been able to sleep. I hope you are able to receive what you need. My thoughts are with you.


Thank you


Your sleep study might surprise you. I thought I didn't get much sleep because I wake a lot at night but the sleep study while it showed I wake a bit at night I also went back off to sleep quite quickly. I thought I lay awake for hours up until I saw the results.


I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Sleep is so important to our physical and mental well-being. It's affected by so many things. Sometimes, an SSRI is helpful in restoring better sleep. Also, a magnesium supplement can be helpful as well but may stimulate vivid dreams. Prazosin is a blood pressure medication that has been effective for nightmares in some but you need the right dose. I hope that wasn't too much information. You don't need additional stress. Sending you healing, peaceful thoughts.


Do your counsellors have trauma backgrounds? That's very important as I take it your insomnia, you feel, is a result of PTSD. The psychiatrists are mainly for medication. I have never heard of yours, but I went on prazosin for nightmares which helped greatly.

I also had a sleep study which showed I needed a CPAP machine for sleep apnea which can result in nightmares also.

Somehow it all worked out for me. I am so much better. My therapist treated me for PTSD and what she did worked. I am grateful.


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