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Medication has ruined me I'm sure

Anyone who has followed my saga will know I'm having severe fatigue issues, well today is the minute before midnight. I've had enough, all yesterday I was out of it on the bed, no food no water nothing, missed a doctors appointment due to this but after a shouting match at the doctors reception and then collaring my doctor as he was on his way to the toilet he promised to phone after a meeting that day( they seem to always be in meetings for Christ sake) no phone call emerged and when we phoned the surgey this morning we were 26th in the que!!! I've quit the duloxatine because that's were I beleived( I've had to try and work this out with my fantastic friends on here (dan 1978 and others) the majority of fatigue was coming from and since then, I done it exactley as my psychiatrist told me, well hell just got hotter, severe rage which is sooo not good for me as I'm naturally agressive ( sports wise I add) severe depression more fatigue, mind pain, body aches , balance issues . so Iit's now affecting my partner bad, she looks after two cancer sufferers both terminally , one weeks away as well as me and it's hurting her now , she's in tears, crying in her sleep as well. I'm awaiting a phone call supposedly before twelve o clock and I have to lay it on the line now, either they get me in hospital and see what is going or I'm done with this life, I can't go on like this anymore . If they they don't get with it now they never will, I've been at this surgery for forty years and it's never been so bad . Thanks for your time reading this. Best of luck in your battles folk,

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and best of luck to you too, BD. I see you are also in the UK and, as the news headlines only this week, the care for mental health is inadequate and needs more attention.

I'm sorry for your severe symptoms at the moment.

I can recall feeling these in the past. Having good support is important. It's too bad your partner also is suffering.

Finding a sympathetic doctor is so key.

I was lucky to find one, though had to pay £ for it in the end [as was staying as a dependent with my mother in the USA back then]. USA doctors are pretty impressive and thorough. We may have the NHS, but it is failing sufferers of mental health conditions.

GOOD luck to you and blessings.

Hope all works out for you as soon as possible.


It looks like there is no care at all. This surgery doesn't seem competent at all.

I know it's not easy but whenever you have any energy left, just make phone calls, write emails and try to find any psychotherapy practice or anyone who specializes in ptsd. Move heaven and earth but keep fighting.

Call everywhere you can think of, explain the situation and if they say no we can't help you then ask who can. That way maybe you get a phone number.

I know only one person in the UK, Sarah Rayner or sth like that she has a closed Facebook group and is author of a book "Making friends with anxiety".

You could try to contact her via Facebook or email and ask how you can get the best help possible.

I'm not in the UK so I don't know what to advise you. If you had money you would have found a private practice already I suppose.

Please don't give up hope..

P.S . Sorry might have misunderstood the situation you are in. It seems you are not ptsd patient but having some chronic pain. Sorry that I suggested psychotherapy. But you definitely deserve a much better care from the doctors who care...

Good luck.

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Hi Baddog, you do need investigations done. Some of what you have described sound like what happened to me three years ago and ended up in hospital unable to even lift a cup to my mouth. I went through extensive investigations and it appeared I had fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I was discharged from hospital I a wheelchair and have fight my way back out of that. I'm not meaning to hijack your post but rather to say that there may well be a physical reason for your feelings of fatigue and extreme physical pain. Yes if possible you do need to be investigated in hospital to see what's causing all of this. Don't give up, you have come so far don't give up one minute before your miracle. You are worth having a life worth living and your partner needs you as her Rock as well. Hang in there baddog....and keep sharing here.


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