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Feeling very blue

Hi folks,

I've had the longest attack, multiple triggers for about a week.

I feel so down, very hurt and just can't stop crying. I have a very volatile relationship and feel like I'm on my own here. I feel so lonely.

Has anyone got some inspirational stories about recovery that I can try and focus on to remind my brain I can get thru this and there is hope for full recovery?

Anything else I can do, other than mindfulness etc

Triggers are abandonment, fear from abuse if that helps but I suppose it's all the same.

Thanks xx

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I can tell you for sure that you will feel better again. I know it's exhausting and so hard to break out of this. BUT it's possible. Even with the smallest amount of simple change can huge rewards be uncovered. I had panic attacks so badly for a while there I couldn't even sit down, sleep, eat, or deal with people outside of my house. It was the worst. But it did pass and change with time and effort. I basically woke up one day and said no matter how scared I am or how bad I feel I'm not going to freeze anymore. I am going to start to move again with my fears and this physical stuff. It was not easy. It did not just go away over night. I had to make myself do things again even with the fear. Then a few months later I decided that I was going to jog every single day. No matter how slow or how short of a time I woke up got dressed and went down the local lake every morning. There was an instant shift in my body. I jogged every day for 90 days by the end of the 90 days my IBS was better, my heart rate was more stable, my mind was beginning to clear, I wasn't constantly balled up in a nervous contricted way in my body. From there I kept jogging when I could at least for a nother few months until winter hit. I also continued to challenge myself to do things and when I found that I didn't fall apart or if I did panic it passed I gained my confidence back. Here are some other resources that really helped me when I was in the shut down triggered state and needed help. Audio CD's of Dr. Claire Weekes, Audio and books by Dr. Peter Levine, EFT Tapping videos on you tube, audio guided short meditations, again running, yoga when I could do it, deep breathing when I could concentrate on it, and soon I went back into my relationships with friends, my music, and then onto work which was a huge challenge. Even in a work place that is far from perfect and full of triggers on a daily basis I'm holding my own now. Don't lose hope. You can do this.


hi Kerry, wow, your post sounds exactly like I am going through. It is very tough. Multiple triggers. You said abandonment and fear of abuse. Mine too.

I do mindfulness too. Nature when I can. Call friends. Right now, the pain is so bad, just staying home and crying, like you, and eating and sleeping.

It feels so bad and like it will never get better. But it will. Somehow. The feelings of being triggered will pass for both of us with time. I guess we need to nurture our battered minds, souls and bodies with small kindnesses to ourselves.

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