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My first TRE Session

Hi everyone i had my first TRE session yesterday it was very therapeutic and calming i felt more connected as most of the time im severly dissociated i just watched a blog that Michele has on healthyplace.com which was great about dissociation by the way. I probably got to tremor and shake for a good ten minutes and felt it even move up my spine a little which strangely felt good! I had the best sleep ive had for a long time and no bad dreams after it i even went for a walk on the beach with my husband which felt really therapeutic ive got adrenal fatigue and suffer also from Irritable Bowel too my TRE therapist gave me a book to read ive seen it and never been able to afford it. It's call when the Body Says No by Gabor Mate its about the cost of hidden stress on the body finding that really good to read in conjunction with this therapy.

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