Heal My PTSD

Blaming Myself 100%

My PTSD has hit me very hard and very quickly.

I thought it was in the back of my mind, as it happened between 1995/98.

BANG, here it is...... very sad times indeed.

It's it just affecting me.....then NO, it's now getting between me and my wife now, on which we have been together nearly 10 yrs, married for 7yrs.

Am waiting on help from councelin, which my gp said that it could take months to set up.

I feel,like I don't have that....😠

Thats me for now, getting a bit too much.

Talk later.

Joe x

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Thanks, will have to wait on NHS councilin, not got money go private.



If it's any consolation my trauma happened in 1995 as well. False guilt is an unfortunate side effect of PTSD. Mine has completely gone but it took until this year to be finally rid of it. im in my mid 30s and my main trauma happened in 1992 with more traumas around the mid 90s and a few more in recent years. It's 3 days until my next bad anniversary and I know and believe that it wasn't my fault my ex abused me like that. In fact I celebrate 14 years since I last tried to take my own life.

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Joe, what country are you in? I am surprised that you have to wait that long for a counseling session. If you are in the States I might be able give you some ideas on what else you can do. Sorry to hear it is making your marriage harder. My spouse does not always understand when I am having symptoms, so I sit him down and have a talk with him about what I am feeling and why. Sometimes printing out my symptoms from the internet about what is happening in that current situation so that he sees it as well as hears it. I make sure I tell him I know it's hard on him too, and that I am grateful for whatever it is that he is doing to help.

Everyone is different, but this might give you some direction on communicating with your spouse. Be gentle with yourself :)


Am in the U.K, Scotland.....National health services very slow over here and going private is to expensive....



Keep pushing Joe. It's very much postcode lottery in UK. Some hospitals have good departments - others not. Good now that you know what you need and keep reading up so you are as knowledgeable as you can be.


Hi Joe,

I'm sorry for what you are going through right now. We all understand..... While you are waiting for professional help, there are self help methods that could help. Different things help each person. If you read through the Topics section of past discussions, you may find methods that appeal to you. I'm currently reading a book called Invisible Heroes -Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal by Belleruth Napaarstek. I'm finding it very helpful.

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Not been a great few days....very sad times :-)


Going on Michelle's site was helpful to me. Reading her book as well. She provides a wealth of info & education & tools that worked for me. She does post on here (She started this forum) but you can look up all her blogs & videos for free. Michelle Rosenthal is all you need to type in your search engine. There will also be information that would be very helpful for your wife to read.

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Over these last few weeks, things ain't been great....

Over these last few days my ptsd is and has been getting worse.

I was at my gp earlier today.

I am now at the stage were am getting worried with all this that's going on.

Am going to be asked by my gp and a councillor to attend a meeting to discuss my result from my test,,on which I scored very highly.

Time to get worried....



I feel am not in a good place at present.

My PTSD is doing 15 rounds with my depression, not nice.....

Every day I hope for a change, there has to be something better than this....

Catch up with you all soon.....

Take care x


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