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Reminding myself

If you have trouble trusting others as I do, I recently fell again to having hope of some positive change in someone. Hoping they have grown up and started treating people nicely, without a hidden agenda.

Well, I fell for it again.

So I'm reminding myself and all of you, that 99.9% of the time you can predict someones intent by their track record. Usually what they did in the past, they are doing now. I got burned again.

But it's ok. I would rather be the type of person who believes people can change for the better, than the other way around.

The only thing that's bad, is the " gotcha moment ".... it hurt me & I felt disappointed, but using my wise mind instead of my emotional one, would have seen it coming.

So, yesterday was upsetting & hurtful. I cried in my mom's arms then, moved on. I feel better helping others, than trying to figure out that last freight train that just hit me, on purpose I might add.

It's painful to be beautiful!

Kind regards,


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I get it. I allow people I really care about to disappoint me over and over. If someone emotionally hurts me, they get one more chance. If it happens again, I'm done with them. Except for my kids, I love them no matter what.

Since we are all such hyper sensitive souls, it takes a lot of courage to connect with other people and risk being hurt. But, the alternative is total isolation and there is no joy in that.


Thank you for your wise words!

Warm regards



Hay, I know it's really hard to trust others! Boy that's my hardest thing! But just like we trust that we can change can't we trust that others can? I think that's fundamental to our recovery!

I suppose we can't trust others that they have just changed on their own.....and we 'endanger ourselves'by trying to trust them again. I guess I'm saying that there's a fine line and we have to protect ourselves!

but it hurts me to hear that others can't change Bc my marriage my children and future depend on it!


I never said they couldn't change...I was really stating that having ptsd, trust issues are a problem for me now. BUT before this ugliness started, I was the type of person who mostly trusted others way too much. So there is a fine line.

You must reread my original post.

Thanks for your reply.

Warm regards



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