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Toxic relationship

I was in this on again off again relationship for a year. He stole from me, called me names, rarely treated me nice. Yet I kept taking him back, borrowing him more money. He knew how to control me. Im trying to find someone good but I don't know if I can trust again. Dont know if I trust myself because I want love so bad that I let them treat me bad.

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You are not alone. Many people go back to their abusers several times. Many times "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't". It's very scary to be on our own. Sometimes we just don't have the confidence to trust ourselves. Sometimes it's not about finding someone else to treat us nicely, it's about treating ourselves nicely.


I agree with HealingArtist. It took me numerous tries to leave my abuser and the road to self-compassion is long. I have a very kind and supportive counselor who has been my rock throughout. Love and support is essential. You are valuable and lovable and worthy and worthwhile. Peace and love.

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