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feelings too much

Feelings of terror of abandonment. People not being there for me when I need help. Or worse, purposely not giving me what I need when I need it just because they are evil and cruel. I guess this is all a huge trigger area for me. My father is the original one who sets this off. He is known to be cruel and mean and I guess enjoy watching others be angry after he is cruel.

I am not clear. My head hurts like hell. Out of ativan and one of the triggers was that and not having a doctor, good one right now to help. Long story. Terrified and full of rage. It is so strong that it is overwhelming and I guess others may know how this feels on here.

I guess I know I am triggered, but it is very scary every time it is so bad. After a short time in this state, dissociation begins to occur. Do others know what I mean? I'm sure many do. The mind cannot hold on any more in this amount of terror, and it fragments, gets fuzzy and begins to dissociate.

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Can totally relate. I constantly feel overwhelmed and often soo angry. Total brain fog and struggle to deal with all the stress and problems at my job leaving nothing left for me to navigate my personal life. Totally sucks. Terror is common for me too. That takes up so much mental and emotional energy that I think it shuts down our reasoning and coping faculties. Then I become so overwhelmed that anger and rage take over and I end up being someone I don't like or want to be.


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