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waking early

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Hi guys am going through a bizarre phase right now am waking in the early hours of the morning and feeling like its forever you know it just goes on and on and you feel so strung out and drained and getting up is a mission but the good news is ive been really getting into planting plants and my garden is looking absolutely amazing im able to nuture it and i havent been able to nuture anything for a long long time also am getting my sense of smell back as that went too along with my personality and all my memories of who i was before i got traumatised im making some kind of progress i look at my garden and it relflects back to me something to show for the energy i am giving to it. Im starting to believe i can heal from this its going to take time but im getting some enerygy back feels like bits and peices of my life are coming back very very slowly but surely i just wanted to say that this is such a discouraging disorder it can leave you feeling like you will never ever get anything back again but you do and you can...........

2 Replies


I agree full-heartedly. Sometimes the journey feels endless and dealing with sleep disturbances can be exhausting to say the least!! Your gardening sounds like wonderful therapy!! I was picturing a very serene beautiful area as you were describing it. Thank you for sharing that.


I'm so pleased for you. I've also been doing a lot of gardening at my place. I might take pictures and post some of them here. It's just coming into summer here and we are in daylight saving so there is more of the day for me to play. I think we must find the time to play as we propel forward in our individual recovery paths. Sometimes we will propel faster than other times but if we're not standing still all of the time (there are times where we need to stand still and rejuvenate) then we are moving towards better days.


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