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Still doing the EFT Tapping

Well thanks to the encouragement i got from wonderful members of this site i have still been tapping away using the emotional dreedom techniques ive read a lot about this therapy and im convinced that anything that is a stressor activates the flight or fight response and that tapping (EFT) CAN effectively have a calming effect apparently it sends signals to the amygdala with all the stress thats assaulted my brain and body from PTSD i was willing to try anything there are lots of diffferent exercises to try im currently having trouble with apathy yesterday was terrible one of those days where i just lay on the couch under a blanket the sky was dreary grey and i just couldnt get past that horrible feeling of well whats the point i just got really stuck and i had that awful feeling that if i didnt see anyone all day or talk to anyone that was fine with me i i recently got married my husband text me to see how my was day was and i didnt even text back just could nt find the energy to text back hey its crap i cant get off the couch thankfully i have a cleaning job for an hour a day that gets me up as i really need the money im sure that when i get stressed that whole reaction is just an overload and a form of shut down as i feel better today i play the lumosity brain games as im willing to do anything to try and help my brain function better does anyone know anything about BIT ? that stands for Brain Integration Therapy?

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I don't know anything about BIT but I'm glad you shared here today.

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what book do you recommend t read about this


i havent read any books about eft all the information i have gleaned is from youtube there is plent of stuff on there...as to how and why it works etc


Some great info about BIT here:


And video here:


does anyone have any idea of BIT therapy that can be done in New Zealand so far all the information i have found is in America


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