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My 60th PAR-TEA

For far too long (8 years in fact), my PTSD has been isolating - it has at times been tiring to be in the company of others and/or to be in dialogue with others. My 60th birthday is coming this week on July 15th and I have made out a guest list and a friend has volunteered to host my PAR-TEA nothing fancy just a gathering of friends drinking a lot of tea/coffee and eating cake, scones, fresh fruit.

I did hand out invitations, but asked that guests not indicate to me whether or not they were coming but simply contact my hostess - that way, I was not taking on too much and could still monitor my own time according to how I felt both mentally and physically. Besides by not knowing who was coming, each guest then would be their own birthday surprise to me!

Focusing on things in the present is challenging, but I believe it to be part of my healing. I was able to pick up Michele`s book YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA and it has already got me thinking about things I never considered before regarding my recovery.

In the past, I would have erroneously thought that I had to handle everything myself. but I am learning how to delegate and trust others with things that in the long run would end up being too tiring for me. Sometimes I start something, lose interest and it falls to the wayside. This way, a willing volunteer is handling the details and I just have to welcome and enjoy each friend who attends.

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Good for you PNIAuthor60! Way to celebrate yourself and honor your 60th! Happy Birthday! :)


Thanks Dan!

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So awesome that you're doing things on your own terms. The value of that can't be overstated.

And my birthday is the day after yours. Mid-summer birthdays simply rock.


Thanks - wishing you a wonderful birthday on the 16th! It has taken me a long time to know what my own terms were and then to apply them to my life. I am blessed by your encouragement.


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