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I had some very intense processing dreams which I was ok with. In one I finally got to me my protector which as a young child was a dragon. However a couple of days later I had the most horrendous nightmare where I was convinced I was about to die. I have no memory of if but by body felt terrified and devastated, I was a helpless child in this nightmare. I can't link it to anything.

I seem to have lost all my inner parts, perhaps they are just very scared. But it has been almost a week now and they are very quiet, I also have stopped journal writing which is not me. Starting to feel very low now, and in a couple of weeks I will be taking 4 /5 weeks off theraphy so that could be part of it as well. In essence I'm kinda lost now.

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Our bodies often know things before our minds do. Perhaps your inner parts are conserving energy for your break from therapy, perhaps your body is disassociating in order to protect you. Your intuition/inner child/spirit is speaking to you. What is it saying? What does it need from you?

You are not alone, even when you feel lost. You are cared for and very very important.



Hi thanks for the kind words. I am in the middle of yet another intense processing time and I am trying to do all this while not on meds. So lack of sleep is killing me, but the meds never worked in my case. I think I just took them to keep all the docs happy. At this point one hour a week is not enough but it's (apart from the site all I have). Yes I agree with you my body is prempting the break by saying in a way to my T " well if you can take a month then so can we".

In a way it's very funny but I also have to address it as I sense they will all return and start trying to act out once my T takes a break. I hate having to admit that they playing games, but let's see what happens if I discuss it at my next session, will I be allowed to even bring it up. We get hijacked at times.


It's scary when you think you've lost your parts. I don't think you will have I think they are just hiding for the time being. And about the writing...all you need to do is pick up the pen and get a piece of paper and way you go. Maybe you could write to your parts and see if any any of them will write back.


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