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Hello Everyone. I was hoping that any of you can give me some advice about making money while waiting on my disability benefits. I had my hearing on November 18, 2015 and for al intents and purposes I think it went well, so does my lawyer. But I have not hear anything from them yet and I'm having trouble making ends meet while waiting. I really need to make some money because things are very tight right now. These bills are starting to pile up on me. Because of my memory and concentration problems, as well as trouble sleeping, a regular job is out of the question right now. Any suggestions on how I could make money from home? I have a 9 year old son and all I'm getting for income is child support from his dad. I can't tell you how hard that has been. I'm trying not to get stressed, because I know that is a trigger for me. Help!

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  • You are not alone. I wish I had some answers for you, but you need to be careful about working while trying for disability. They do check up on you, they will sut outside your home to see if you are working.

    So if you do something to make money, make sure it is off the books and do not use social media forums to talk about what you are doing. Not trying to scare you but i only know 2 people on ssd and they were both "cased."

  • Thanks for the heads up!

  • sorry I didn't know about that, assumed you'd checked that out first.

  • There are ways you can earn money from home if you have a computer and a dedicated phone line. I have been thinking of looking into and rover.come because I have customer service experience and a lot of experience with dogs. These are customer service positions helping callers get services. I have an old stupidphone that I could reactivate. I'm sure there are other sites, but you have to be very careful, as some of them are scams. If they ask for money upfront or something just doesn't seem right, beware.

  • Thanks for tips. I have thinking about customer service as well. Nothing beats a failure but a try

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