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Feeling better

I'm glad to say that I feel better in the last few days. The levels of anxiety went down and I have more energy to do things. I cleaned and organized my place after a long time it was a mass.

I have an opportunity to participate in a self defense impact course that is planed specially for woman trauma survivors.

I showed my therapist a brochure Barbour it but she was sceptic because it was a little bit too promising . she asked me if I know more about the methods they are going to use. I guess she's right and I will check it out. What bothers me is how fast I feel like I'm pushed to a corner and feel threatened. My therapist asked questions about the course to make shure it is a good choice for me and all I could say is I don't know even though I later regret I didn't speak my mind.

I will talk to her about it but I think it's a more general issue I want to deal with.

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Hi Michal, the good days are amazing aren't. So glad you are feeling better today. I think you are brave to consider a self defense course. After all the physical and verbal aggression I just can't be bothered with any form of confrontation. Good luck with your decision.


Michal, I know how you feel when it comes to the I don't know answers! Just call me Queen I IDK! LOL! Glad you are getting along better.


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