That is my birth-mother in the foreground with a friend I do not know as of yet. This photo of my Mom is familiar to me, yet I have never seen her in my whole life. She died in 1997 at the age of 84 robbing me of the chance of feeling her arms around me. I am told that she traveled the world a great deal and at different times lived in England, Canada and Germany. I am grateful though to know her as much as I can now, posthumously.

I am now able to communicate with my niece, Katie, and her mother Rose on Facebook, although Katie tells me that her parents are not technologically inclined. Katie is the one who is filling me in with regards to my Mom's life.

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  • So happy for you! I too have the urge to know my history, though I was not adopted. Search on Ancestry.com.

  • The Squad actually contacted my niece, Katie, through a tree she had on that page.

  • The Squad?

  • Yes, they are actually called The Search Squad and are a group of adoptees with specialized areas of research/databases who help adoptees like myself find relatives they've never known or met at no cost. I can't remember who told me about them, but I will never forget how their expertise changed my life in uniting me with my half-brothers for the first time in 60 years. It is harder for my brothers because they never knew anything about me.

  • Thanks! Can they do it in reverse? Cause I'd like to help my deceased friend's aunt find my friend's daughter that the aunt never knew about.

  • Quite possibly, check them out and let them know what you are looking for - they will help if they can. I had help from women I think by the name of Ree and Shelley. Let me know how it goes for you.

  • Thanks!

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