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Hi a few years ago I was going to go home from work,when I was asked if I could help on some stock ,I worked for a large supermarket,anyway it was command practice so I said I would however after 15 minutes I was sexuall assulted by a colleague he groped me and then insulted my parts of my body ,he laughed it off,a colleague did see this he was dismissed,this was 4 years ago but it's like yesterday it fetched up so many ghosts I was sexuall assulted by a family friend for a short time and also my ex husband 30 years ago forced his self on me 2 days after having a 9 pound baby girl you can imagine the mess and pain I went threw,I had got over all this as I am happily married now for 22 years ut this attack at work as fetched everything back I panic near people I don't no Darenth sit near a man I don't no my hubby has to come everywhere my son had to come of nights as I was afraid as his dad my hubby does the same shift I am a mess inside people family think I am fine but I am not advice please

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It is normal to feel like this. It doesn't mean you are not suffering or not ill but it is a normal reaction to what has happened.

This is a good safe place to let out feelings but i think you need help. A rape counselling and support group might help but i would think you need a re feral for professional help. If in the ukthe ssystem has got quicker recently your GP surgery will be able to give you details of self re feral services in your area.

Treatment normally works by first tidying up your thoughts, then teaching you how to go to a safe place and then NICE recommend EMDR which involves a strange procedure where you follow a moving finger while talking in a controlled way and strangely it moves the thoughts from the "in tray" of your mind where these thoughts are stuck to the archive section where they are basically just shit that happened.

Hope you can find help soon


Talk....it's the way through. I did not talk for years, was dead inside. People with PTSD understand, most people try but just cant. Once you feel safe long enough the words might start to flow.


This is so sad. My husband changed shifts for me so I am not alone. I do not believe we survive things. I think we keep going until that one time when it brings back all our traumas together. Then we have ptsd fibromyalgia panic attacks anxiety attacks agoraphobia self harm and many others. We are here now because we have been so strong. Yes we are a mess inside but at some point we can no longer hide this. To recover we have to be true to ourselves and those close who matter. (Not always all our family members). Those who love us and know us will respect us for what we have survived. Those who don't who cares. No we don't



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