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((Possible triggers ))I'm am proud to say I made to counseling was very scared I'm going to have counseling because as a child I saw my mum get hit domestic violence I've never spoken about this and having an x partner attack me for 5yrs but I survived and got out of because I couldn't let my kids grow up with the life I had I'm scared to go down this road but it could help my healing me loosing a baby just opened up everything I was hiding inside I will fight through :/)

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Well done for making it to counselling

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I had to say how much I admire your courage of getting out of the situation for your children's sake. Many, many people do not have the strength to do that. You did.

I think just about everyone gets nervous/scared when starting counseling. It's a frightening process, but you did it. I hope you recognize the strength & courage you have shown & pat yourself on the back for that. Those traits you already have will carry you a long way in your healing journey & eventual freedom from trauma.

Take care.


Thank u x


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