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I have had no energy for 4-5 months, gained a bunch of weight, feel like I am not here, and fatigued to the max.... I went to a Physician Assistant instead of my Doctor and the blood test was high on Thyroid. Doing another blood test this week. But I am pretty sure of reading about it and my symptoms, it surely must be that. I am scared, upset and really concerned. What a time to have this when I am trying to move to another state...Health Care has gone down so bad. I wish I knew something Holistic that would help. It will take a week for results and who knows I may loose another month of no progress. Feeling very blue:(

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I have two friends who have this condition. They were both able to get help and feel better after it was diagnosed. But I know it's still overwhelming. Stay strong and I hope this is the beginning of you getting the right care for that.


i know very little. i guess u may have hypo or hyper thyroid and graves is something related to thyroid i THINK. while u may be prescribed medication u could also do some research on your symptoms and causes on the net - many seem to get conditions going through stress and nutritional defficiencies. few seem to recognize that iodine is essential and that a capsule a day of powdered dulse solves this mineral requirement making added salt with iodine unecessary. there are many holistic sources of info u can sift through on the net. good luck.


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