Shine on!

PTSD can leave you feeling pretty awful, awkward, and an outcast. The identity thing is a trip. I found out in loss, I lost identity. I decided today was going to be different. I decided today that I was going to use my tools from therapy and recover. I decided in my darkness that I was going to use my flicker of light and Shine. I was going to be awkward, but I was going to recover while doing it. Did I have doubt? Yep. Did I feel weird? Yes. Oh well : )

I wrote this as a piece to encourage someone. I have been in so many dark months that I couldn't see the sun. I know what it is to not be able to leave the house. I know what it is to not be able to look at the mirror because all I could see is damage. Take a little step in recovery today and shine. It's in you! You can do it. I did it today and I'm thankful. Let your beautiful light S H I N E!

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  • Beautiful and from the heart. This is very open and honest and I'm very happy for you.

    These words are inspiring and I'm sure this post will help many.

    Thank you, you have brightened up my day!x

  • I'm the post brightened your day. Thanks for the kind words. Be radient!

  • oh I meant radiant....

  • Yes Poetic Overcomer. With you here!!!

    I too have lost my identity and all sense of self. I am mostly numb, and have absolutely no idea who I am or even what I want - except my old life back.. (not useful btw as totally gone). Other times I am so raw, and filled with self loathing and dangerous thoughts. I can not commit to a single thing. Who knows where I will be in 8 hours? I may be fine or I may be in bed hiding, or I may be thrashing myself physically to the point of vomiting. They are my better options.

    I identify strongly with Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy". (I am a bit of a Luddite, so no idea how to upload...) I also love Seal's song "Amazing".. although I am not yet 'clean' it is something to aim for.

    I for one am very inspired by your ability to "Shine on".

    Thank you for sharing .. ((HUGS)) xxx

  • Stuck 1 i get those days of great difficulty, but realize you are worth living. You have a purpose. I'm glad you get the identity thing. I looked closely and realized that I didn't like the old me but coming into the new is challenging. It's like when a catapillar becomes a butterfly.

  • Thank you poetic overcomes for your understanding and I am feeling hopeless and very depressed thanks for being a light for me. Sometime others need to carry hope for me until I can hope,for myself.

  • Wilderness it's good that you recognize it. I encourage you to take a step, a baby step. You are not alone. I get those moments. Rise up if you can, even just a little bit.

  • Ok I will thanks for taking Thea time to validate me and hear me. I feel like someone in this nursing community does understand this process of wanting to get well and actually " work though this yuk"

    Thanks friend

  • Thanks

  • WOW!! I am grateful also...such TRUTH.. and INSPIRATION, Thank you!! <3

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